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wanderers big bash

The Wanderers Bash is a fund-raising cricket tournament held annually at the Wanderers Cricket Club. The tournament was initiated by the Wanderers Cricket Club’s Saturday side to reignite the passion for competition after a long winter break and prepare players for the club cricket season ahead. The concept was welcomed by the Club and its popularity has grown steadily since the inaugural tournament in 2014.

Now approaching its 6th season, this platform has allowed a multitude of players to showcase their cricketing talent within the ever-growing Bash community. The Wanderers Bash is hosted over a weekend early in September and allows 8 teams to battle it out for the top spot. Qualifying matches are held on Saturday with the top two teams from each group moving over to the knockout games. The bottom two teams are relegated ensuring fresh competition each year. The top two go head to head in the Sunday finale. With an increase in quality and standards of the game witnessed every year, no team has been able to dominate the Bash and win the Bash year in year out.

Past champions of the tournament are;

2014: Rajasthan Royals (JHB)
2015: Wanderers Chariots (JHB)
2016: MAQ (JHB)
2017: JB Sports (PTA)
2018: Glenvista (JHB)

With each year the standards of the cricket played has grown. Teams competing have now looked at balancing out their teams with the experience of premier league players with young raw talent. The Bash has allowed players to relive moments and play in pressure situations that we only witness on our television sets. Pure pace terrifying a team in losing 4 wickets in one over of the final, defending 8 runs in the final over of the final game against top class premier players, or having the tournaments underdog team fight against all odds to make it to the final, beating the best along the way only to fall short. The Bash has always been about fun, but we take pride in the exposure of talent. Every year we have continuously seen young talent come up the ranks and take on the challenge to outclass and outperform tough and experienced players, all for the love of the game.

The Wanderers Bash is not all about cricket. The Club with the tournament organizers ave prioritized providing a fun filled event for families. Potential cricketing stars on the field, future cricketing stars have a play area, parents and family have ample seating area to enjoy a good game of cricket and relax. And there is no great event with great food, the Bash caters for this throughout the tournament weekend.

To witness this, The Wanderers Bash will be hosted from the 5-8th September 2019, with 2 new teams competing against 6 experienced sides who have managed to remain within the tournament. Who knows, this time; we may have a World Cup moment again. But instead of the most boundaries, the most fun. Maybe not.

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