SquashClub News:

The traditional kick-off event of the year is our “Handicap Tournament” for which you don’t need to be handicapped physically, but it’s a bit like golf, where Gary tries to even up the matches by getting the good players to start with minus scores.  Just to give you an idea, I started off with a handicap of -4, and my opponent, Josh Scott-Barnes started at -44 !!!!  You can imagine that with each game lasting to 55 points, we were still at it after an hour and a quarter at 2-all.  I was out on my feet, so I let him win the last game!  Anyway, it was good clean fun and all the lower league players got to meet the higher league players and the social interaction was the winner.  Actually, there was a real winner……….Sheena Worwood, who won 2 years ago as well.

Gary really must do something about her handicap!

Final Results of the 2018 Wanderers Handicap Open Tournament:

1 Sheena Worwood 9 Dave Grant
2 Nick Roubinis 10 Martin Cowper
3 Dino Petrarolo 11 Brady Wen
4 Kevin Eborall 12 Andy Theron
5 Chris Hughes 13 Daniel Kirk-Cohen
6 Mike Barnard 14 Bryan Hodgkinson
7 Josh Scott-Barnes 15 Yen Chi
8 Shamus Donoghue



Owing to some congestion at the courts on a Monday evening, Chris Hughes has kindly moved his Thusong Squash night to Tuesdays.  Yes, we know league will be on Tuesdays, but the kids will be finished before league starts.


Masters league is starting Thursday 01 March 2018. Please contact Keith Willows if you are interested in playing Masters League and you have not yet been contacted by Keith. There is a fee of R350 to be registered for Masters for the year. Gauteng League is scheduled to start on Tuesday 27 March 2018, and similarly, there is a fee for playing Gauteng League, and you will be billed by the Wanderers Club.


We are having a pre-season Blitz League (27 Feb, 28 Feb, 06 Mar, 07 Mar, 13 Mar). Players will be placed into teams and teams will play against each other. Please let Gary know if you are interested in playing in the Wanderers Pre-Season Blitz League. Social Squash continues on Sundays 16:00 to 17:30 when you can just pitch and play. If anyone would like to join the Squash Committee, please contact Gary or myself as we would welcome some fresh input from the members.


SquashYours in Squash, Dave Grant