Joburg League and Masters League

The 2021 Joburg Masters League season commenced on Thursday 18 March. Wanderers has entered two teams – in the 2nd & the 4th leagues.

You can keep track of the fixtures and the results on the SportyHQ web site:

The teams and playing venues are:

The dates for the Joburg League will be published in April and you’ll also be able to follow the games on SportyHQ.

In the meantime, Martin Cowper is continuing with his fitness sessions on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm.  Everybody is welcome to join in, whether or not you intend to play league.  His routines will help you at whatever level of squash you play.

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If you have not already done so, please renew your Squash SA registration via SportyHQ.  Only registered players will be allowed to participate in League matches and accredited tournaments. If you have difficulty in registering, please contact Jacqui Fryer (011 442 8056, [email protected]).

Egoli Squash & Thusong Squash Development Fun Tournament

A fun tournament was held at The Wanderers for the development players on Saturday 20 March. The event comprised of 28 players from Egoli, Vaal and Thusong groups.

In addition to squash matches the players practiced “Street Racket”, an activity designed for youngsters who do not have the luxury of squash and tennis facilities.  All it requires is a hard, flat surface such as a car park, a bat and a ball – and some skill!!

SARS‑CoV‑2 – Modified playing protocol at The Wanderers

▪️ Courts are open to paid‑up squash club members.

▪️ Visitors may train with a member subject to the payment of the appropriate fee and abidance by the rules of The Wanderers Club.

▪️ Visitors may participate in Joburg League and tournaments held at The Wanderers, subject to the rules applicable to the event.

▪️ No spectators are allowed.

▪️ Players must leave the premises once their activities are complete.

▪️ Anybody entering the squash premises for whatever purpose must:

✔️ Sanitize upon entry and regularly afterwards

✔️ Complete the attendance / track & trace register

✔️ Record their temperature using the instrument available at the booking computer

✔️ Not share kit, equipment or drinks. (Bring your own drinks container).

😷 Wear a mask when not playing.

🧍‍♀️–🧍🏽‍♂️Maintain social distancing.

Chris Hughes.

Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.