The Wanderers Club return-to-play plan to commence in August

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I’m sure everybody at The Wanderers will be as overjoyed as these young squash players in the UK are, to return to the squash courts after a four-month lockdown!

The Wanderers Squash Club has been accredited by Squash SA to return to play in accordance with their guidelines.  This will entail a very strict, phased approach, commencing with training for the Joburg League players and then coaching and training for the general members.

Gary Plumstead has been appointed as the Compliance Officer for the courts and he will be responsible for ensuring that all social distancing, disinfecting and other special procedures are adhered to.  Players will need to make arrangements with Gary in advance (no “arrive-to-play” will be allowed).  Players will be required to sign an indemnity form upon arrival.

Players will not be allowed to change or shower at the premises.  Please avoid making contact with fomites (surfaces on which the virus might reside) such as door handles, walls, taps etc.  Use disposable gloves or a paper towel where necessary.

We have worked hard to get squash back on the court and we all have to adhere to the rules above in order to keep squash running smoothly – let’s not misuse this opportunity.

Please contact Gary for more information on 073 791 2851 [email protected].

The Wanderers Squash Club Return-to-Play Operational Plan

On Saturday the 1st of August 2020, we will be reaching Phase 3 of the Return‑to‑Play Operational Plan. During this phase 1st, Reserve and 2nd League players will be able to play but under strict supervision.

On Saturday the 15th of August 2020 we will be reaching Phase 4. During this phase, all other squash players will be able to play but still under strict supervision

Temperatures will be taken at the door and players must sign a register and indemnity form. The cups and water cooler have been removed so you must bring your own drinks.

Playing times

Monday – Thursday:   12:00-14:00 and 17:00-19:00

Saturday:                    10:00-12:00

Sunday:                      16:00-17:30

Facemasks must be worn upon arrival.

Bookings must be made in advance and no visitors are allowed.


Joburg League is scheduled to start on Tuesday 18 August 2020.

We have entered the following league teams:

Reserve League:

3rd League
5th League
8th League

Joburg Masters League is scheduled to start in September.

We are not quite sure of the league format but I will let you know as soon as the information becomes available.

Box League
We are also looking to start a Box League in the middle of August. There will be 5 players per group and everyone plays each other during a 5‑week cycle. Please let Gary Plumstead know if you wish to enter.

hand hygiene

In order to combat the spread of the virus, it is important to follow the official hygiene rules, one of which is to WASH YOUR HANDS with SOAP.

The COVID‑19 virus is protected by a fatty layer around its perimeter.  Soap can dissolve this layer and destroy the virus before it can spread and infect yourself and others.


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Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.