SquashClub Tournaments

Gary Plumstead got the members off to a good start in the new year by organizing a Blitz League.  It is played every Tuesday and consists of seven teams of three players.  How Gary puts these tournaments together at short notice and no matter how many people enter is beyond me!  And where he dreams up these team names, I do not know….

“Smooth Operators”, “Flaming Flamingos”, “Salty Pretzels”, “Mullet Mufia”, “Cereal Killers”, “Power Rangers” and “Slumdog Slingers”.  Whether or not these team names bear any resemblance to the characters of the players is anyone’s guess!

Coming up in March is the Wanderers Pre‑Season tournament.  This is to be held from Friday 8th until Sunday 10th of March and is aimed at all level of players.  Entry is open to all levels of play and if you want to bring a friend, you’re welcome.  Entry fee for members is R200.

Go to the Facebook page to see details or contact Gary on WhatsApp at 073 791 2851.


subaruOn Saturday the 9th of March we will be holding a Wanderers Squash Club Open Day, in conjunction with the Pre‑Season Tournament.  The intention is to publicise the game of squash and give novices and potential new players the opportunity to hit a few balls, learn the basics and enjoy a FREE “boerie roll”.

This is being held in conjunction with Subaru Bryanston who are keen to support the local squash fraternity.

Squash development

The 2019 season got underway with the Central Gauteng Junior Squash Open tournament held at Parkview Squash Centre.  Seven players from the Thusong Squash Development group took part and held their own in the U19 and U16 age groups.

wanderers club Wanderers Squash News - February 2019 11

Weekly coaching continues at the Wanderers Club on Tuesday afternoons with up to ten players from Alexandra township taking part.

Two of the high‑performing players, Bongani Machava and Ashley Modiba, have been chosen to participate in the CGJ Squash Academy programme.  This commences with fitness evaluations followed by training in squash techniques over a three month period.

wanderers club Wanderers Squash News - February 2019 12 wanderers club Wanderers Squash News - February 2019 13

  wanderers club Wanderers Squash News - February 2019 14 wanderers club Wanderers Squash News - February 2019 15


(Above: Fitness assessment routines.  Ashley takes a rest and watches while Bongani attempts to beat him at pull­‑ups).

Other News

Gauteng League will be starting the second week in March.  Please make sure you all REGISTER with Squash South Africa via SportyHQ.

Wanderers are entering the following teams:

WN01 – Reserve League

WN02 – 4th League

WN03 – 5th League

WN04 – 8th League

WN05 – 8th League

WN06 – 9th League

WN07 – 9th League

Entering a team in Reserve League was a great achievement and we wish the team well in 2019.

Chris Hughes.

Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.