SquashClub News:

The year has begun with a bang owing to our Coach & Manager Gary Plumstead’s initiative.  He has started a Social Squash pitch & play on Sunday evenings from 16:00-17:30 for all standards of player. Also, he’s started League training at 18:30 on Tuesdays for those planning on playing League, open for non-league players as well.  A good way to get fit for the year, especially for those Masters who are planning to go to World Masters in the USA in July.

Gary has also sent out notices to all members of the forthcoming Handicap Tournament to take place on the 9th&10th February.  This is an annual tournament which pitches all standards of the players against each other with appropriate handicaps applied to even things out.  This is a great “leveller”, and it is rare that the best players win, but does increase the social interaction between top and bottom and old and young players, which is always good for club spirit.

The Club AGM was held on Thursday 25th with a bare minimum attendance, but sufficient for a quorum.  Apart from a review of the past achievements, a resolution was unanimously passed to increase the squash levy from R350pa to R400pa in order to restore our finances from a deficit situation.

 SquashTournament News:

After the highlight of last year’s Bull Ring Open PSA tournament, we are pleased to announce that our own Leon Gelderblom is well into the planning for a repeat in August this year.  The Professional Squash Association has endorsed the Bull Ring for this year, and Leon hopes to increase the prize money to attract some of the top players from around the world.  The event will be open to Men, Women, Masters & Juniors.  We welcome any sponsors who would like to come onboard to support this event.


SquashYours in Squash, Dave Grant