Snooker Section to Re-Open

After a 6 month closure, The Wanderers Snooker section has opened. To facilitate social distancing and keep to the curfew, the snooker section will be open from 12pm to 6 pm, this is to allow members to ease into the new protocols and is limited to 2 players per table, no spectators and sanitiser must be used before, during and after a match.

When it comes to cleaning, the words sanitize and disinfect are often used interchangeably. But there’s a significant difference between the two terms. Knowing the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting can help you to know exactly what cleaning products to buy, and how to use them in order to keep a clean and safe environment.

While cleaning refers to simply removing dirt and other impurities from a surface, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing all go far beyond this to eliminate harmful bacteria. Knowing the difference between these deep cleaning terms helps us to use our cleaning and sanitising products safely and effectively.

According to the National Health Department, sanitizing refers to lowering the number of germs on a surface to a safe level, “as judged by public health standards or requirements.” This process works either through cleaning (which physically removes germs from surfaces) or disinfecting (which kills germs). Sanitizing is generally a little more gentle than disinfecting.

So while sanitizing refers to lowering the number of germs to a safe level by either cleaning or disinfecting, disinfecting itself refers to killing nearly 100 percent of germs on surfaces or objects, according to the NHD. This works by using chemicals to kill germs. Disinfecting doesn’t necessarily clean dirty surfaces, but it does kill germs, helping to lower the risk of infection.

The reason I touch on this is that snooker although a non-contact sport, our hands are constantly touching the same surface and snooker balls as our opponents, so it is imperative that all members who play, sanitise as often as possible before, during and after a frame.

Please observe all protocols


Rafique Limbada
Wanderers Snooker Section
Club Captain