Wanderers prides itself in being proactive in addressing all possible future challenges. Security is always a high priority. In this regard, we currently employ a number of security guards who monitor the entries and exits to the premises and the parking areas. 


We also have in excess of 150 unmanned cameras around the property which monitor strategic areas.  There is awareness signage around the Club reminding members to be vigilant and we use social media, e-mails and SMSs to keep members informed.  The Club does its best to provide a safe environment, however, personal safety starts with the individual and we continue to remind members to continue to be vigilant.  As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. As a reminder – we have provided lockers around the property for members to secure their valuables and please remember not to leave belongings unattended in the open. 


If members notice any irregular or suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to contact the Duty Manager at 079 883-65-20 or Security at 083 770-07-14.  Please save these numbers on your mobile.