Wanderers CC Honours Board – November 2017


Lee Gruskin                             120                Premier v Lenasia

Martin Coetzee                       117                 Premier v Lenasia

Harry Raw                               5 for 25          SA4 v Midrand Knights

Martin Coetzee                       112                  Premier T20 v Jeppe

Abdullah Nagdee                    5 for 42          SA3 v Crescents

Nuaman Nakedar                   128*                SU2 v VUT

Donovan Scholtz                     5 for 33           Premier v Soweto Pioneers

Fuzail Patel                             7 for 23           President’s B v EP Ottomans

James Warsop                         114*                President’s A v VUT

Kiel Van Vollenhoven            115                 SA2 v Roodepoort


Current League Positions (22 November)


Premier                       8th                                Saturday 2                   8th

President’s A              2nd                                Saturday 3                 8th

President’s B              3rd                                Saturday 3 Aryans     2nd

Sunday 2                     3rd                                Saturday 4                   1st


Sponsorship Opportunity

wanderers club The Wanderers Cricket Club - November Newsletter 3

The Wanderers Cricket Club, a club with a unique history and heritage, is looking for a sponsor to purchase an electronic scoreboard for its Premier League ground.

The prospective sponsor will have the opportunity to display their company name on the scoreboard.

The cost will be approximately R 50,000 – and will secure the sponsor’s name on the board for 5 years.

For further details, contact:

Frank Auger

[email protected]











Cricketers with Brains – Again!

Wanderers CC won the second GCB Umpires Association quiz night – a repeat performance from the previous month.

New recruit to the team, Matthew Auger, providing some vital answers when needed – despite obviously upsetting the Everton supporting quizmaster.


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