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Dublin Woodworks

We are a family-owned woodworking business specialising in timber garage door manufacture. Our products include timber garage doors, sectional and tip-up, and purpose-made timber entrance doors and gates. Waterproof glues that conform to international standards are used and our products are […]


Address: 20, 9th Street, Orange Grove. Tel: 011 483 3514

CharlesSmithAssoc/Sha-Izwe Communications

We are a digital agency assisting clients to increase their online interaction and engagement. We offer media coverage in print, online, radio and television, as well as grow digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. For over three decades our […]

Louis The Lawyer

Adv. Louis Nel – Advising in Travel and Tourism Law for Over 36 Years Flexible, versatile legal services for your tourism or hospitality, events, exhibition and guiding business – delivered personally Home


Pierre Renoir – Framed Print – Luncheon of the Boating Party. R1 250

Manning and Associates

Manning & Associates is an established Johannesburg based labour law practice that offers a professional service at a reasonable cost to:   Small and medium-sized enterprises People employed in managerial, administrative and professional positions in need of labour law services   […]

Pringle Pecans

Pringle Pecans is a family run business from Adelaide, Eastern Cape.  Our Pecan Nut trees were planted 8 years ago and after much love and care are finally producing!  The nuts are organically grown and are fresh, this season.  They are […]

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