We have now reached the end of the fifth round of the Saturday league bowls. All our teams are faring well. For those of you reading the Newsletter and not understanding the league set up, the Premier is now called Club and consists of the best 8 clubs, playing home and away, and made up of 12 players. All clubs have a single team per league and there are 4 Divisions. All the other leagues fall under Super 8, 8 players to a team and 8 teams to a Division.

A Ladies
Division 2
1 A team
Our Ladies are second in Division 2 and we can be extremely proud of them. Margaret Stoneham has been on the injured list and she will return to the side in January.
Well done to all, imagine playing Division 1 next year.

2 Mixed Team
We are doing extremely well. Captained by Janis Fluxman, this team is enjoying their bowls and currently in 3rd place in a 10 team league. Heard them playing recently. Thought that it was a rugby match with all the high pitched excitement.

B Men
3 Club
This is the old Premier team. Not so good thus far. We are in 7 th place overall but still 9 rounds to play.
Based on the British Football concept where each club can have only one team in the CLUB Division.
Division are made up of the Top 8 clubs. 4 Division 1

A Team
We are top of Division 1 of the Super 8’s. Hope to stay there! There is no real end of season reward for winning Division 1. The rule states that each club may have only one team in the CLUB league.
Anyway, we will have bragging rights.

5 Division 2
B Team
Is top of Division 2 and we hope to stay there. The reward for winning the league is promotion to Division 1

6 Division 3
C Team
We are also top of Division 3, the end of season reward is winning the league and being promoted to Division 2.

7 Division 4
D Team
At present in 7 th place. They are finding it difficult at present, however, with excellent team spirit am sure we will prevail and come through.

Division 5
E Team
They are doing brilliantly and are currently in second place though they have already had their 2 x byes.
Captained by Allan Gordon, with Graeme Macleod and Adrian Burke in the team as well!
Though they are skipped by 2 players of 13 years old, they are excelling even though they were promoted from a lower division last season.

As can be seen, by the results, Wanderers is in an extremely strong playing position and we can just congratulate all players and members

On the 2nd December, we are having a Rose Wookey bring and braai starting from about 17.00.
Boerewors rolls can be purchased at R25 by informing Rose prior to the braai.

Philip Brest is starting the Men’s selected Pairs on that Saturday. Philip has made an innovation by making an open draw prior to the start of play. This ensures that all must be present by 13.30.
That is a really positive start to the men’s competitions.

Well done to Duanne Abrahams and his JBA Trips team of Duanne, Des Day and Martin Lewis who made the semi-finals of the JBA Trips. Unfortunately, they met a red-hot team on the day and had to play second fiddle. Duanne has also joined our Bowls committee and has taken over the Development portfolio. He is planning an Easter Tournament and we look forward to many new innovations at Wanderers.

We lost a real Wanderers stalwart in Ken Avery. Ken was an ardent bowler who was a leading light at Wanderers Bowls for many years. He played with Adrian Schofield and the Skollies on a Saturday morning. He will be sorely missed by all.

Well done to all our bowlers on the wonderful Wanderers spirit which you are all playing with.
Also, well done to our bowls selectors of Warwick Sagar, convenor of the Men, Mike Bolel, Brian Myers and Bobby Donnelly. They are doing their best, please all bowlers, appreciate their efforts, it is all in the interests of enjoying our bowls. So far, so good. Let’s finish the league with a bang and only laughter.

The woman have Margaret Stoneham and Pessel Gelman orchestrating the A team as selectors. Keep it up! Competitions for the ladies start soon, Rose Wookey will be doing the draw once all entries are in.

Have a great Christmas or Chanukah with only love, good health, and enjoy the December break. Make lots of friends along the way.

Bowls is all about friendship and fun.

Ronnie Herrmann