All our league teams are featuring well. The Ladies are coming second in the CLUB league 2nd Division which is the old Premier league, second division. This last weekend was exciting, they played the top team, Bryanston CC, and were able to win the game and overall. This cuts the Bryanston CC lead. Watch this space!

Janis Fluxman and her Mixed 8 are in a respectable mid-table position. At present, the men have 17 players out. We do wish both Eric Rosen and Mike Hurwitz well. Eric is back on his feet. You cannot keep a good man down. Mike has been in the Morningside Clinic since the 8th December and we can only wish a great guy a speedy recovery!!

Margaret Stoneham has not been feeling too well and our thoughts are with you going forward. Keep that lovely smile going! Alon Kissos has been suffering from pneumonia but is back on his feet. You were missed. Brian Myers has had to sit out as well. Wearing a moon boot on his right leg and a brace on his left arm does not make for bowling.

We lost another keen bowler as Dennis Bridger passed away. He was an ardent Skollie and a great Wanderers member. Rally Kartun has been seen on the bowling green with a crutch in his left hand for balance. What a bowler!!

Thank you to Margaret Stoneham, Ann van Dijk for supervising the first round of the JBA singles and Peter Yorke Smith and Brian Myers volunteering to umpire. We cannot thank you enough for giving of your time.

Richard Bucher, Jasper Hulley, Brian Myers and many others who helped at the famous TOWER Novices. Thank you. This is the one major Fund Raiser that we have. Gus at Italian Club is of great assistance. It is simple enough to spend money, raising funds is the difficulty.

We had a request from the Jersey side for a Wanderers shirt for one of their members who dropped out of the tour due to cancer. Mike Bolel’s name was given. Not only did Mike respond with a shirt but a cap as well. We received an extremely grateful letter back from the Jersey team. Little things like that make a mensch of high quality!!! Well done and thank you to Mike.

The Club competed against Jersey, we won the first round and after seven ends the Highveld thunderstorms decided to take a stand and intervene. Janis, your catering hit the spot all round.
Everyone enjoyed the competition which was of the highest order.

Our CLUB team playing in the old Premier league are holding their own and currently after 10 rounds are in 7th place. The A team in the Super 8’s are top of Division 1. What an achievement for Richard Bucher and his team.

The B team in Division 2 are top. We might just have 2 Wanderer’s sides in the Super 8 next season.
It gets better with the C team top of Division 3 and hopefully, we will have 3 teams in the top 2 divisions of Super 8 next season. The D team are in 5th place and holding their own. Unfortunately, with 19 players out, they have suffered the most. Allan Gordon and the E side are near the top in Division 5, Wanderers are so proud of them with 4 players still under 15.

Nello Vercelotti, Graeme Macleod and Adrian Burke have also turned out for the team. The above just shows the strength and character of our bowlers as it has been extremely difficult for Warwick Sagar, Mike Bolel and Brian Myers to keep mixing and matching.
Wanderers has 3 new bowlers joining.
It is great to welcome Sefton Mofsowitz who has transferred his life from Bloemfontein to Johannesburg.

The inter-district starts in 10 days and we must thank Paul Botha and Adrian Burke who will be doing all the admin at Wanderers for the 5 days. Good luck and thank you.

To Rose Wookey, Paul Botha, Brian Myers, Janis Fluxman, to whom the club means so much, thank you for all you are doing.

In the words of Winston Churchill “So much done by so few for so many” or close the that………

Regards to all
Ronnie Herrmann
Wanderers Bowls Club