To all Wanderers Members,


Thank you to everyone who made this day so special; we ended up with 9 full rinks (72 players). We had a very successful day and was enjoyed by all. This is a day for everyone, good or bad it’s not important, what is important is that we socialised made so new acquaintances and renewed many old friendships.


I have included some pictures for which we must thank Richard (Old Ed’s).


The next combined TAB day will be held at Old Ed’s in 4 or 5 weeks time. We hope Killarney will consider joining us in this initiative to make it even more special.

See the attached PDF File.

Yours in Bowls,


Wanderers Bowling Club – July 2018

Wanderers Bowls recently hosted the Old Edwardian/Wanderers Tabs on the Sunday 1 July 2018.  It was a great success and a method aimed at getting the members of both clubs back onto the greens.  The unqualified success of the TABS day is a winning argument on its own.  28 Old Edwardians and 48 Wanderers bowlers had a tremendous morning with 76 bowlers taking part in all.


Breakfast of scrambled eggs, tomato and toast was offered at R25 and enjoyed by all.  This was arranged by Janis Fluxman and we cannot thank her and Walter enough. Unfortunately, it coincided with her uncle’s unveiling and both had to depart before bowls.


Margaret Stoneham was another casualty, a previous engagement, but she graced us with her presence for a short while.


Bowls was played from 9:30 to 12:10 with a boerewors braai grilled to perfection by Rose Wookey @ R25 per roll after bowls completion.  The boerewors went down so well that it was under-ordered as the players wanted more without having booked beforehand!  Ronnie Grek’s boerewors is absolutely superb and can be highly recommended.  Unfortunately, ten Wanderers players arrived for breakfast/TABS without having put their names down and breakfast was delayed due to this. It is a weakness that will need to be addressed at the next TABS day.


Killarney will also be joining as they will be at Old Eds and we look forward to hosting every three months at our Club.  Well done to Janis, Rose and of course Brian Myers assisted by Old Eds Richard Bennett and Henry Cohen, who did the TABS and for making the bowls a great success. Even Sam Rosen raved!


On the 29th July, we are playing TABS at Old Eds. Our greens will be CLOSED on that day and we do request that you put your names on the list provided on the notice board.  Breakfast will be R25 and a lunch consisting of a hamburger and chips will be available at R50.  If you have a problem with this cost please approach Brian Myers, in true Wanderers spirit, no one is ever chased away.


The AGM for the Bowls Section will be held at 12.00 on Saturday 25th August and Janis will arrange simple snacks thereafter.  Please read the notice in the glass case upstairs stating the AGM requirements.  We will be voting on new committee members as well as a new Chairman.  It is so important for the Club to have a strong and willing committee giving direction. There are too many members who only criticise but never come forward.


The Gauteng Open is presently being played with Wanderers one of the host clubs.  Thank you to Paul Botha for having taken on the duty of organising helpers.  We must also thank Adrian Burke, Rochelle Grusin, Brian Myers, Margaret Stoneham, Ronnie Herrmann, Janis Fluxman, Rose Wookey, Ronelle van Weerkerken, Ann van Dijk, Pam Gishen, Audrey Bernstein and Peter Yorke Smith, for coming forward and volunteering their services.  The Gauteng Open ends the weekend of 21/22 July with the fours with two sections being played at Wanderers. Paul Botha will once again be in the forefront.


Thank you to all those members that ensured that Wanderers did us proud.  We cannot run a club without funds and we do need the money to come in by hosting tournaments to ensure our existence going forward.  It is great for players to use the club, but please assist as well.


Brian Myers requires volunteers. Please do not leave it to the same people time after time, you will chase them away by putting too much pressure on selfless individuals.  We are not aware of final results in the Gauteng Open but we do hope that there are players to celebrate.

Congratulations to Martin Lewis for his invitation to the BSA zone camp; a great honour and a forward step to representing his country and joining Bobby Donnelly and Duanne Abrahams, of the present day bowlers on the honours list.


Long life to Eddy Magid on the passing of his brother in Toronto. It is always sad to lose a sibling.


Long life to Rochelle Grusin on the sad passing of her mother in Cape Town.


Enjoy Bowls, Enjoy Life, it all goes by so quickly!


Ronnie Herrmann

Wanderers Bowls Club