The Wanderers 2019 Venue Rates

Below is a list of our current venue rates. One of our friendly and experienced event coordinators will assist to customise a package to best suit your needs.

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Pricing Structure 2019


Ballroom R42,000.00
Ballroom Foyer R17,250.00
Centenary R6,000.00
Gala A R25,000.00
Gala B R10,000.00
Gala Venue R35,000.00
Marathon A R4,750.00
Marathon B R4,750.00
Marathon Foyer R12,000.00
Boundary R9,000.00
Captains R7,200.00
Champions R7,200.00
Captain Foyer R4,100.00
Strikers R8,100.00
Umpires R2,600.00
Vista R22,000.00
Restaurant R9,000.00
Restaurant Deck R12,000.00
Bowlers R3,000.00
Break Away Rooms R3,600.00
Lapa R12,000.00
Spinners R8,000.00
Rugby Club House R15,000.00
Members Lounge R20,000.00
Bowlers Lounge R12,000.00


Cricket Ovals R32,200.00
Rugby Fields R32,000.00
Damage Deposit R35,000.00
Lights Fields R8,500.00

Conference Rates

Full Day Conference R58500
Half Day with Lunch R46500
Half Day with No Lunch R39500
Plated Breakfast Package R22500
Dietarys (Kosher and Halaal) R41500

Sliding Scale Conference

100 pax or more R50000
100 pax or less & two days or more R52000
100 pax or more & two or more R49500

Catering Surcharge

Halaal R15000
Kosher R15000


Wines R16000
Hard R26000
Beers | Ciders etc 2 for 1

Est. amount of guests

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