Vision Mission & Values


Our vision is to rival the best sports clubs in the world.


Our mission is to:

  1. Promote sport, fair play and excellence – both on and off the field
  2. Provide world-class facilities for sport and leisure
  3. Encourage participation, and develop and nurture sporting talent
  4. Create an open and friendly environment for socialising with members, friends and family
  5. Offer an exceptional venue for weddings, conferences and cultural activities

In pursuing our mission and vision, we pride ourselves on our Core Values

The Wanderers Club is governed by a Constitution which is adhered to by a governing Committee democratically elected by its Members. The Committee sets the policies to be followed but delegates the day to day conducting of the Club affairs to the appointed management and staff members.  The viability of the Club is dependent on substantial usage of its food and beverage facilities by corporate and other guests, as well as its loyal members.  The Club is welcoming to all, strives to make sport affordable for everyone and uses all income streams at its disposal to achieve this objective.