Whilst all members and staff are in lockdown, the Club is looked after by Hope Security guards who are not only safeguarding our property but they go the extra mile and even water our gardens when the garden maintenance people are in lockdown.  They have been risking their lives to ensure that all will be well when we are eventually allowed to go back to our beloved Club.  They step in when there is an emergency to help with a burst pipe (photo attached).  In this case we had to eventually call our maintenance manager, Allan and emergency plumbers to deal with it. A big thanks to Bornet (Tony) Ngwenya and his smiling team of Security guards.


Even though the Club is not operational, there are always those staff members in the background who are looking after it. Management and some of the admin staff are working from home to keep things going.  Allan and Neil go to the Club regularly to check and attend to critical maintenance such as the generators or potential flooding. Neil got tired of not doing any exercise at home and decided to mow the lawn at the Club (Photo).  He said that he did not realise how hot it gets when you are pushing a lawn mower!!  Next he and Maria will tackle the weeds on the paving and all the fallen leaves.  In times like this, multitasking is the order of the day.  The Chairman is especially pro-active and gives invaluable advice to management.  We will continue exercising social distancing and use the available technology to do teleconferencing with the Committee.  There are uncertain times ahead and changes might have to be made but we are positive we can overcome.  Our Club is 132 years old and we intend to keep it alive and flourishing for generations to come.

wanderers club Thanks to the Club Guardians 5

wanderers club Thanks to the Club Guardians 6