Club News:
The new year started with our customary Handicap Tournament which pits all levels of player against each other. This has the intention of allowing players from the bottom of the ladder to play against the top guys on a more even basis. The top guys were given massive “minus” points starts which put them under huge pressure.

wanderers club Squash Update - February 2017 1

The Winner was Graham West, who had a ding-dong match against Chris Hughes, and third was Phil Louw

The Summer League is already in full swing which sets the “pecking order” for League participation.

League News:
The Gauteng and Masters Leagues will start soon and we have the same entry as last year with 6 teams in each league. If any of you wish to play for Wanderers this year, even as reserves, we welcome new entrants whether experienced or not. Just a note to say the Masters League is for players over 35yrs of age.

Tournament News:
We are excited to announce that a new Company has been formed, namely, Bullring Squash Events, to foster the game of Squash in this country. The two directors are Leon Gelderblom & Phil Louw. The inaugural tournament will be the biggest PSA tournament in S.Africa with the largest prize money ever. The tournament will be played at the Wanderers between the 2nd & 6th May this year. To enter, or to just see what’s going-on, look at .
More squash news next month…….watch this space.

Yours in Squash,
Dave Grant