Annual Chamber Challenge

wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 21Saturday 9 October is World Squash Day and The Wanderers Squash Club has traditionally celebrated this with a challenge tournament against the Chamber Exiles squash club.


wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 22Chamber Exiles has won the tournament three times out of the eight tournaments held in the past so we’d like to maintain our lead as much as possible going forward.  Some of the top players in both clubs are playing in the SA Nationals on Saturday the 9th of October but that shouldn’t detract from the competitive spirit of the competition and the social interaction afterwards. So, give your name to Phil Louw or myself and join in the fun on World Squash Day in promoting the game of SQUASH.


wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 23

Let’s try and avoid the humiliation we had last year!

Joburg Squash League & Masters League results

With approximately nine of the eighteen matches completed for the season, the standings are shown below.

Wanderers A Reserve League players include Bruce Young, Phil Louw, Mo Rahman and Alistair Tyrrell.

wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 24

Wanderers B 3rd League players include JP Strydom, Mike Sissison, Johnny Fiandeiro, Ross Purbrick, Chris van de Sande and Rohin Jain.

wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 25

Wanderers C 4th League players include Dino Petrarola, Keith Willows, Ross Matthews, Jaco Swart, Bryan Hodgkinson, Nuno Xavier and Ron van der Bos.

wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 26

Wanderers D 5th League players include Lionel Slowe, Kyaran Pillay, Clive Lacy, Allan Lai, Chris van Niekerk and Julian Zeegers.

wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 27

Wanderers E 6th League players include Graham West, Fabio Loreggian, Sasha Lunsche, Wayne Bennett, Martin Cowper, Chris Hughes and James Thomas.

wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 28

Wanderers A Masters 2nd League players include Keith Willows, Jeff Davidson, Dino Petrarola, Jaco Swart, Johnny Fiandeiro, Bryan Hodgkinson, Phil Louw, Alan Agaienz and Marios Conidaris.

wanderers club Squash News, September 2021 29

Wanderers C Masters 4th League players include Mish Wentzel, Martin Cowper, Chris Hughes, Brett Collinson, Raymond Morgan, Hughie Cruzin and Anthony Pekay.

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SARS‑CoV‑2 Lockdown playing protocol at The Wanderers

ALL courts are open to MEMBERS and guest league players during Lockdown Level 2.

However, the following protocols must still be adhered to:

▪️ Courts are open for bookings to paid‑up squash club members

▪️ NO visitors allowed except for recognized tournaments.

▪️ Only players registered with Squash SA may use the courts.

▪️ Doubles is allowed.

▪️ No spectators are allowed.

▪️ Sanitize before and after touching the keypad, pen, doors etc.

▪️ Adhere to Covid hygiene protocols as shown on the posters.

▪️ Notify the Squash Club Chairman immediately if you test Covid Positive within ten days of having played.

▪️ Players must leave the premises once their activities are complete.

▪️ Anybody entering the squash premises for whatever purpose must:

✔️ Sanitize upon entry and regularly afterwards

✔️ Complete the attendance/track & trace register

✔️ Record their temperature using the instrument available at the booking computer

✔️ Not share kit, equipment or drinks. (Bring your own drinks container).

😷 Wear a mask when not playing.

🧍‍♀️–🧍🏽‍♂️Maintain social distancing.

Social Sunday

Social squash takes place every Sunday at 4pm.  All members welcome. However, guests will not be allowed during the Level 2 Lockdown.

If you are a new (or existing) member looking for a game, ask Gary Plumstead to include you in a WhatsApp group or contact me or Phil Louw, our League Representative (072 468 9027).

Chris Hughes


Wanderers Squash Club

082 453 5298.

[email protected]