Joburg Squash Leagues

The Joburg Squash “Blitz” League has now finished for the season. Some results are still outstanding but the Wanderers Squash Club team positions are shown here at the time of writing.

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The 8th/9th League team performed exceptionally well this season, winning with 86 points out of a maximum of 96.

Masters League

Masters League is still in progress. 2nd League have two matches to play to complete their second and final round. The Wanderers A team is in contention for first place by a margin of 11 points.

4th League are commencing their third round and Wanderers C team is in 2nd place by a margin of 12 points.

2nd League (6 teams)

“ “

4th League (5 teams)

Wanderers A in 2nd position (with two matches to go).

Wanderers B in 4th position (with two matches to go).

Wanderers C in 2nd position (with four matches to go).


Club Championships

The Club Championship competition commenced on Tuesday 27 October and will run over the next few weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last year, Bruce Young took the title from Phil Louw who had held it for the past two years. Will there be a newcomer this year?

Keep abreast of the results by following the Facebook page.

Annual Chamber / Wanderers Squash Challenge

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The annual Chamber Challenge was held at Chamber Exiles squash club on World Squash Day, Saturday 10 October. This was well attended with 12 players from each side attending, playing 12 singles matches and five doubles matches.

The final game’s score of 27-24 indicates how closely the competition was fought, with Chamber taking the cup for the third time out of the eight‑year history of the challenge.

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Other tournaments

Keep monitoring the squash club’s Facebook page for news of upcoming tournaments and events.

Court Management

There will no longer be a regular attendant at the squash office for the foreseeable future. Casual visitors will not be able to play on the courts until the end of Covid‑19 lockdown.

However, visitors playing league, attending coaching sessions and training with members of the squash club are allowed access by arrangement with the Committee.

Any queries or problems relating to the operation of the courts, the booking system, league and other squash queries should be referred to Chris Hughes or Phil Louw. Queries regarding access to the courts with the membership card should be referred to Tony Faulkner at the Main Club.

Wanderers Squash Club Annual General Meeting

The Wanderers Squash Club 2020 Annual General Meeting was held at the Main Club on 26 October with a Zoom link for remote attendees. The Chairman’s report, the Treasurer’s report and the minutes of the meeting can be viewed at The Wanderers Club Squash Section web page.

The new committee consists of:

Chris Hughes, Phil Louw, Bruce Young, Gavin Duffy, Martin Cowper, Shamus Donoghue & Kevin Eborall.

Wanderers Squash Club Annual Membership Fees

Members who have renewed their membership by the cut‑off date for 2020/21 have received a 22% discount on their main club fees.

IMPORTANT: If you have not yet renewed for this year, you can still qualify for a discounted rate if you apply to the Club immediately. (Contact Tony Faulkner at [email protected]).

Members in good standing will receive a further discount on the 2021/22 fees if they are paid in full by June 2021.

COVID­‑19 Lockdown Level-1 Playing Protocol

As a result of the relaxation of the Covid‑19 Lockdown restrictions to Level 1, the squash courts have been opened up to their normal operational hours. Members may make bookings on the GoBook system or turn up “on spec” to play.

Revised Covid-19 Lockdown Level 1 protocol

Courts are fully open to paid‑up members.

Visitors are NOT allowed, except for bona fide League players for coaching, training and matches.

The showers will remain closed during Level 1

Covid-19 protocols must be adhered to.

Upon entry:

  • Sanitize
  • Complete the attendance register
  • Record your temperature taken at the gate.
  • Wear a mask when not playing.
  • Maintain social distancing.
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Chris Hughes.
Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.