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Tournaments and Club Activities

The annual Wanderers / Chamber Challenge took place on Saturday the 12th of October.  We had a great turnout with 16 players from Wanderers and 17 players from Chamber Exiles club taking part.  The Wanderers team also included four players from the Thusong Squash Development group who won four of their nine matches.


The overall result was a resounding victory for Wanderers resulting in Chamber Exiles Chairman, John Shannon, meekly handing the cup back to Wanderers Chairman, Chris Hughes.

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The Wanderers Squash Masters Club Championship tournament took place from the 12th to the 17th of October.  Winners were Phil Louw in the 35+ age category and Marios Conidaris winning the 55+ category.



The Wanderers Squash Club Championship tournament is currently underway.  The semi‑finals have proven to be exciting entertainment with Bruce Young beating Nikki Louw and Phil Louw beating Mo Rahman.  The winners will be playing in the finals for top position on Tuesday 29 October 2019.


The Wanderers Squash Club Annual General Meeting took place at The Wanderers Club on Tuesday 22 October at 17:45. 

In the absence of any new nominations to the committee, the current office holders were re‑elected:

Chairman                                 Chris Hughes

Treasurer                                 Gavin Duffy

Court Management                  Gary Plumstead

League Representative           Phil Louw

Member                                    Martin Cowper

Member                                    Bruce Macmillan

Development Squash              (Position held by Chris Hughes)


Activities planned for November

       Wanderers / Planet Fitness squash challenge on 6 November.

       Wanderers Doubles Tournament (including “Century” doubles) on 15/16 November.

       Movember” Tournament on 30 November to raise funds for Thusong Squash Development. 

       Central Gauteng Squash Annual Dinner and Awards at 19:00 on 20 November at The Wanderers Club. 

Cost: R270 p.p.

Contact Jeannie at 011 886 1740 or [email protected] for tickets and information.

The CGS AGM will be held at 18:00.  If you wish to be nominated as a committee member for 2020, please contact Jeannie for more information.


Thusong Squash Development

I am pleased to announce that five players from TSD have been made Honorary Temporary Members at The Wanderers Club.  This will allow them to practice and play in their own time with the objective of getting them ready to form a Gauteng League team in 2020.


The players are: Ashley Modiba, Bongani Machava, Bandile Machava, David Machava and Johnny Mogala.

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All five players took part in the Central Gauteng Junior Squash Start‑of‑Season tournament at Randburg Squash Club from 25-27 October, with Johnny reaching 3rd place in the U19 category.



Chris Hughes.

Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.