The Masters Inter-Provincial Squash tournament took place from 20 to 23 May 2022. Wanderers provided one of three JHB venues and also hosted the closing ceremony at Chariots Bar.

JHB Masters Squash (chaired by Dino Petrarolo of Wanderers) hosted the event, and 3 Wanderers Squash members (Keith Willows, Chris Hughes and Dino Petrarolo) participated in the event.

The Wanderers players held their own in the SA Masters 2022 IPT.

Dino Petrarolo (A Section, Joburg A team) won three of his five matches, beating his opponents 3-1, 3-1, 3-1.

Keith Willows (B Section, Joburg E team) put up a strong fight, winning one of his four matches 3-2 and putting up a good fight in the others, taking one of his games to 18-20!

Chris Hughes (D Section, Joburg G team) won four of his five matches, beating his opponents 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 3-0.

Saturday Ladies Squash League

To address safety issues of travelling to and returning after dark from squash games, The Wanderers Club is introducing monthly Saturday morning squash events at the Club. The first event took place on Saturday 14 May.

“The format of ‘home-and-away’ games during the course of weekday evenings has made this unattractive for ladies who also have commitments around work-life balance. We therefore proposed a format where ladies would play squash at a central venue on Saturdays and this has gained the necessary interest,” explained Dino Petrarolo, Chair of Wanderers Club Squash Section.

Players entering the league will be assigned a team and position, based on their experience and ranking. The teams will range from 1st to 4th league levels, with First league players participating on the Wanderers’ championship all-glass court (CGC) and the 2nd and 3rd league players on the standard or CGC court, and 4th league players on the standard court.

Wanderers is looking at the possibility of scheduling two games per month based on the interest already shown. Starting times will be between 9h00 and 10h00.

“Wanderers Club offers squash courts of World Championship quality. Our all-glass wall courts with ‘one-way’ glass presents players with almost opaque walls while spectators are able to watch the action from all sides. This provides facilities behind the front wall to take photos and videos while facing the players for training and publicity purposes,” explained Dr Petrarolo.

The championship court has an adjustable tin height from 480 mm to 430 mm (19” to 17”), to correspond to international professional standards. Spectator seating capacity is about 200 situated around the back and side walls.

Each of the conventional plaster courts have spectator seating capacity of 50 people situated above the back-wall line.Contact Person: Dino Petrarolo: [email protected] / 082-809-2725 or Kalinka Faul: [email protected] / 083-657-2228