Squash comeback????

The uncertainty of the spread of the coronavirus, government regulations and peoples’ appetite to get back onto the sporting scene has made it all but impossible to plan for a return to the sport in the near future. Ultimately, we rely on Government guidance and regulations to drive the Club’s policies on how and when we can return to the sport.

However, that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting back on our laurels. At Club level we have been in consultation with The Wanderers Main Committee and at national level we have voiced our suggestions and opinions to Squash South Africa and Joburg Squash. They in turn are in correspondence with SASCOC, the body to which all communication must go in order to lobby the Sports Minister.

wanderers club Squash News, May 2020 5At the time of writing we are anxiously awaiting the Government’s detailed plan and regulations for Level 3 lockdown, commencing on 1 June 2020.  Personally, I find it rather incongruous that we’ll be allowed to partake in exercise throughout the day, but not at a sports venue.  Certainly, sports such as golf, running, bowls, tennis and others are sports in which social distancing can be practically maintained and could quite easily be allowed at Level 3 under the right conditions.

I believe that with the correct controls, squash could also be brought back in a controlled manner commencing with individual practice and even coaching.  The World Squash Federation (WSF) has issued guidelines (http://www.worldsquash.org/getting-back-to-squash-wsf-announces-recommendations-post-covid-19/) for doing this and there are already examples around the world where this is taking place.

In Switzerland, “Corona‑Squash” has been introduced, maintaining specific social distancing guidelines. (See https://www.facebook.com/SwissSquash/).  In Poland, the Hasta‑La‑Vista squash courts (venue for the 2021 World Masters Squash Champions) have re‑opened.  Squash centres in Hong Kong and Malaysia are already open and Egypt is returning to squash in June. (See http://thesquashsite.com/looking-beyond-lockdown).

So, hopefully, by next month I’ll be able to report some positive progress on sport returning to The Wanderers.


Egolisquash Youth Empowerment Ubuntu Food Parcels Programme

In the meantime, what is happening to those who rely on squash for their income, and those who barely have enough money to feed themselves, never mind play squash?

Egoli Squash is continuing its support of the underprivileged squash community and is preparing for its third round of distributing food packages to those most in need.

Our Thusong Squash Development players are benefiting from this; 17 players have already received parcels to the value of R250 containing basic foodstuffs, toiletries and some entertainment material.  Another delivery took place at Thusong Youth Centre in Alexandra on Saturday 30 May.

wanderers club Squash News, May 2020 6

You can donate directly to Egoli Squash, or via PayFast at the link below.

Egolisquash Youth Empowerment FNB acc. no. 6284 7262 714.

Branch 254005. Swift code FIRNZAJJ.



For more information, please visit the Facebook page:




In order to combat the spread of the virus it is important to follow the official hygiene rules, one of which is to WASH YOUR HANDS with SOAP.

hand hygiene

The COVID‑19 virus is protected by a fatty layer around its perimeter.  Soap can dissolve this layer and destroy the virus before it can spread and infect yourself and others.



Chris Hughes.

Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.