Pre‑Season Tournament, 14 March

A successful Pre‑Season tournament was held at The Wanderers Squash Club on Saturday 14 March. The 15 players were split into two teams for a six‑match round‑robin tournament and a play‑off was held for those who could last the pace!  For a detailed breakdown, go to the Pre‑Season results page.

Summer Blitz League, February – March

Gary Plumstead ran a competitive Blitz league over the last two months to sort out the seedings for the 2020 Joburg League season.  30 players took part and the final scores can be seen in the Blitz league results page.

All squash activities CANCELLED

As of Sunday 22 March 2020, NO squash activities will be taking place at The Wanderers squash courts until further notice.

The outbreak of the latest Coronavirus, COVID‑19, has caused a lot of anxiety amongst all sectors of society. In order to combat the spread of the virus, it is important to follow the official hygiene rules, one of which is to WASH YOUR HANDS with SOAP.

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The COVID‑19 virus is protected by a fatty layer around its perimeter.  Soap can dissolve this layer and destroy the virus before it can spread and infect yourself and others.


In the meantime, What about SQUASH???

Well, why not take this time to rest‑up and prepare yourself for when the season recommences?

Try something different – FreeStyle squash on your computer!!!!

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Chris Hughes.

Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.