Gauteng League and Gauteng Masters League

Having taken a month’s break, the Gauteng League recommenced on Tuesday the 23rd of July.  In the meantime, Gauteng Masters matches continued.  Current standings for the Wanderers teams are shown below:

Gauteng League and Gauteng Masters League


Gauteng League results can be found at:

Masters League results can be found at:  


Thusong Squash Development

The kids have worked hard this year to improve their squash skills and this showed in their performance at the recent 2019 Prince SA Junior Squash Tournament held at Parkview Squash Centre. 

Thusong Squash Development

Court Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintaining the courts in a playable condition is always a challenge.  The priority is always to keep the floors clean, not only to allow the players to push themselves to their limit in reaching the ball but also to ensure they can do it safely without slipping and injuring themselves. Our cleaners are to be commended for maintaining the courts in top condition and, as far as I’m aware, we have never received any complaints from our players in this regard.

I am pleased to report that we have recently re‑coated the floor of the glass court to provide a more even colouring throughout the floor area. The glass court floor requires a bit more intensive cleaning than the other courts in order to prevent discolouration of the white ball during play.

wanderers club Squash News, July 2019 3

I am also pleased to announce that courts 5 and 6 are going to have repairs carried out on the loose floor boards in August.  Work is planned to commence on the 19th of August and the courts will be out of action for approximately seven days.


Gauteng League Fees and Wanderers Squash Club subs

Thank you to all those who have made timely payments.  If your League Fee payments are still outstanding, please ensure they are settled by the first week of August.


Please remember that Wanderers Squash Club subs are NOT PAYABLE BY DEBIT ORDER and need to be paid up‑front.  Access to the squash court booking computer will be disabled if your sub‑club payment is in default.


Chris Hughes.

Chairman – Wanderers Squash Club.