2022 promises to be a year full of possibilities for Wanderers Squash. The Wanderers Squash Committee (WSC) started the year with a strategy session that will hopefully pave the way for good things to come. To start our 2022 calendar, Squash SA chose the Wanderers to host its SA versus Zambia International on 20,21 and 22 January – making use of one of the only Championship Glass courts in the country.

The strategy session focused on the following:

squash strategy

1. Our Strategic Context

  • Using a snap member survey conducted at the end of 2021 as well as the collective experience and wisdom of the team, the context of squash in general and the club, in particular, was discussed.
  • There is no doubt that the club’s appeal and positioning as a premier venue creates great opportunity despite the sport’s dwindling numbers over recent years.

2. Strategic Issues

  • Strategic Issues were discussed in the context of the survey results which focused on the parameters below:

wanderers club Squash News, January 2022 13

3. Strategic Intents for 2022

The nature of the issues to be tackled during 2022 are multifaceted and will involve several iterations as direction is tested and adjusted. Although membership numbers are an “outcome” and a strong indicator of progress, the team was more concerned with tackling some of the enablers that will ensure sustainable progress. The following initial areas will be focused on as we progress the year:

  • Reshaping the vision for the club (with a theme of “sporting excellence”)
  • Squash Promotion:
    • Scheduled External and Internal Tournaments
    • League participation and performance of league teams
    • Sponsorship Packages & Opportunities
    • Addressing Visitor policies in the context of the club’s mandates
  • Member Participation:
    • Broader Cross-Club participation: Court Usage as a key indicator
    • Member Mix: attracting juniors and ladies to the sport
  • Coaching:
    • Accessibility to coaching (especially for Juniors)
    • Creating developmental infrastructure (e.g. Academy)
  • Availability: ensuring increased presence and accessibility of the facility

4. Actions and Next Steps

Committee members and co-opted members will be leading and supporting activities to address the above strategic issues and intents. These will be communicated through our various channels and newsletters.

Furthermore, to facilitate communication and visibility of activities, a squash calendar will be developed to assist members in planning their participation. The following provisional events are planned for 2022:

wanderers club Squash News, January 2022 14

5. Conclusions

On behalf of the Squash Committee, we would like to thank all members who support the club in various ways and also provide constructive inputs, time and effort to sustain the club.

Yours Sincerely


Dino Petrarolo

Wanderers Squash Club (Chair)