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For details of current activities please visit our Facebook page or for general enquiries email [email protected].

Squash Club members have FREE, unlimited use of the courts and may introduce one visitor per month at no charge.

Find out more about the booking of courts for members and visitors, or go directly to online court bookings.

Club Activities and Facilities

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Social and competitive squash tournaments are run throughout the year, usually before the start of the league season and then again after the league has been completed.  Doubles games have become very popular over the past few years and there are regular matches played each week.

The club boasts seven conventional plaster-walled courts with a viewing balcony plus an international standard all-glass match court, seating up to 200 spectators. This is complemented by the adjacent “Spinners” sports bar with a braai area, dining facilities plus a viewing window adjacent to the glass court.

Introductory, Level 1 and Level 2 coaching can be arranged for members by emailing [email protected].

Joburg League and Tournaments

The Club is active in the Joburg League and Joburg Masters League. Joburg League is open to all players, male and female. All players are encouraged to become proficient in marking and refereeing and M&R courses are regularly run at the start of the season.  The Masters League is open to players over the age of 35. wanderers club Squash 8

Other tournaments and national events that take place throughout the year can be found at Joburg Squash or from the yearly calendar at Squash South Africa.  Joburg League and tournaments on the Squash SA calendar are accredited by Squash South Africa and, as such, all players are required to be registered via SportyHQ. The following is an illustration of the annual fees for a Joburg Squash League player:

Wanderers Club Membership: As per the class of membership. (Invoiced annually by The Wanderers Club).

Wanderers Squash Club fees: R500 / R250 p.a. (Adult / Student) (Invoiced annually by The Wanderers Club).

Squash SA registration: R150 p.a. (Register directly via SportyHQ)

Joburg League: Approx. R700 p.a. (Invoiced at the commencement of League)

Joburg Masters League: R400 p.a. + R50 /match (Paid directly to Joburg Masters Squash – contact [email protected])

Members may introduce visitors to the squash club and we encourage players of all levels to join. Members are not charged for the first visitor every month.  Subsequent playing sessions are charged at R90 per non-member for a 45-minute session.

Social squash sessions are held on Sundays at 4 pm and prospective members are also encouraged to attend.

Code of conduct

Court Sponsors

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Support for the Thusong Squash Development Programme

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Squash Contacts and Committee Members for 2022

Chairman: Dino Petrarolo.

Treasurer: Bruce Young.

League Reps: Phil Louw (League).

Ordinary members: Chris Hughes, Shamus Donoghue.

Email: [email protected]

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Squash South Africa (Contact [email protected] or 011 442 8056 for all queries regarding registration, marking and refereeing and the rules of squash).

SportyHQ (For updates on tournaments accredited by SquashSA and SquashSA registration information)

Joburg Squash (Contact 086 010 4445 for all queries about Joburg League).

World Squash Federation (For info. on international rules and registration for a Squash Personal Identification Number (SPIN) for international events)

World Squash Officiating (An online education and assessment portal setup by the WSF and PSA to standardise officiating qualifications worldwide as well as containing useful resources)

Egoli Squash (Development squash for youngsters, including life skills development and team building)

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Squash Court Bookings

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Squash court bookings may be made by members up to two weeks in advance.  Members pay NO FEE for booking or playing on the courts.  However, there is a playing fee for visitors, whether playing with or without a member. (Members are allowed to play with a visitor once per month at no cost).

Members must have credit in their Lights Account in order to activate the court lights for playing with a visitor.  Payment can be made in cash to the Court Manager when he is on duty or online using the GoBook/PayFast payment system.

Visitors playing without a member must pay cash to the Court Manager at the courts.

Courts may be booked in three ways.

  • Over the phone with the Court Manager (refer to Contact List on Squash Club page)
  • At the computer at the squash courts using your Wanderers membership card (see instructions at the courts)
  • Online using GoBook (see instructions below for booking and topping up the Lights Account for visitors)

Online court bookings using GoBook

Go to GoBook for online bookings.  A mobile app is also available.

The FAQ page will assist with setting up a new GoBook account and making online payments into the Lights Account using PayFast.

The web pages used for booking and making online payments are illustrated below.

Illustration 1. GoBook login page with links to mobile apps.

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Illustration 1. GoBook login page with links to mobile apps.

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Illustration 2. GoBook dashboard showing current balance in the Lights Account

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Illustration 3. GoBook Bookings page. Historical booking information can be downloaded from here.

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Illustration 4. GoBook New Bookings page, showing current court bookings for chosen dates.

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Illustration 5. GoBook Financials page for topping up the Lights Account (for playing with visitors).

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Illustration 6. The PayFast page for transferring payment from credit/debit card or EFT to the court Lights Account.


WSC Chairman’s Report 2021

2021 Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s report: FY ending Feb 2021

2021 Treasurer’s Report

Minutes of 2021 AGM

2021 AGM Minutes

Minutes, Chairman’s report and Treasurer’s report from the 2021 Annual General Meeting held on 15 November 2021

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