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“The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”

– Gichin Funakoshi

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Karate is a sport for all students (4 years and older) that teaches discipline, coordination, endurance, etiquette and respect for oneself and others. Our training focuses on the fundamental basics, groundwork, throwing, fitness, stretching, self-defence, strength and conditioning. Johan la Grange (6th Dan) runs the JKA karate dojo at The Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to training with you!

About Johan la Grange

Johan la Grange began karate with his father, Sensei Dries la Grange in 1978 at the age of 6. He received his Shodan (1st Dan) at the age of 12 and at the age of 16, began training at the Honbu Dojo under Sensei Keith Geyer. Johan achieved Protea Colours from 1994 to 1998 and won the South Africa championships for 11 consecutive years. He placed 2nd in the World Shotocup in 2000, 3rd in 2004, and in 2005 he won the Open Men’s Kumite in the WKC World Championships. He currently runs the Wanderers Karate Club and the Early Bird instructor training. Johan holds the rank of Rokudan (6th Dan) and is the Chief Instructor of SA JKA.

Additional Information

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Wanderers Karate offers classes every Monday to Saturday for children and adults, beginners and those who have trained before.
Self-defence classes for women run every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Sensei Johan la Grange can be contacted for more information.

Karate Dojo with full floor mats, mirrors, bags and weights.

Please contact the section as levies do vary depending on class and age.

Committee Members

Chairman / Administrator

Sensei Johan la Grange | 082 825 9318

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Quick FAQs

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Our Karate section has a 350sqm dojo.

Yes, Karate is one discipline where you can train around any injury or limitation.

No, you’re never too old to start Karate! Some of the oldest members of our Dojo are in their 70s. Karate is a sport for anyone.

Yes, you’re welcome to try out two Karate lessons before enrolling.

Yes, the Karate dojo is inside the Wanderers Club, opposite the squash courts.

Inspiring Those Who
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