Wanderers Astro schedule from Monday 11th June  2018


Monday 11th                                                                                 

16h15 –  17h30         St Teresa’s School

17h30 – 18h30          Junior Hockey  Rassie’s G/K Academy

18h30 –  20h00         Ladies Tigers/Mens 6th/8th team practices

20h00 – 21h30          Wanderers G/M  vs  League team   M04 league


15h00 – 17h00          St Teresa’s School

17h30  – 18h30        Boys Colts practice

18h30 –  20h30         Wanderers B/M  vs  MCC B/M                       MPRO

20h00 –  21h45         Ladies 1st and 2nd team practces

Wednesday  13th                                                              

14h45 – 17h30          St Teresa’s School

17h30 – 18h30          Girls Colts practice

18h30 – 19h30          Ladies 3rds/6th/Panthers

19h30 – 20h30          Hunters/Rumblers practices

20h30 – 22h00          Men’s 4ths/Feasants/Mens 7th side

Thursday 14th                                                                   

17h15 – 18h10          Junior team practices

18h30 –  20h00         Ladies 1st/2nds team practices

20h00 – 21h30          Mens 1st and 2nd team practices

Friday 15th

16h00 – 18h00          Mini hockey practices

18h30 – 21h30          COLTS LEAGUE GAMES

Saturday 16th                                                                                

07h00 – 12h30          MINI HOCKEY PRACTICES

14h15 –  15h45         Wanderers E/M    vs  Wanderers D/M         M02

15h45 –  17h15         Wanderers C/W    vs  UJ B/W                          WPRO

17h15  – 18h30         Wanderers B/W    vs  Pirates A/W                WPRO

Sunday 17th                                                                                   

09h45 – 11h15          Wanderers C/M  vs  Old Eds B/M                  MPRO

11h15 – 12h45          Wanderers E/W  vs  MCC B/W                       W01

12h45 –  14h15         Wanderers D/W  vs  Pirates A/W              W01

14h15 – 15h45          Wanderers H/M  vs  Wanderers G/M        M04

15h45 – 17h15          Wanderers F/M  vs  MCC E/M                        M03