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Quick FAQs

Do I have to become a member to participate?2021-08-27T11:46:35+02:00

If you are serious about playing badminton whether it be social or competitive and after your first free visit to the club and you have decided you want to join the club then you have to go through the following steps.

  1. Yes, you have to join the main club.
  2. Depending on your age there are different prices
  3. Each sub-club has a fee you have to pay yearly, this helps to look after the upkeep of the hall and equipment, badminton fee is R250.00 per year payable to the main club.

For more information on membership, please visit our membership page here.

Do you offer coaching?2021-07-14T15:45:32+02:00

Yes, there are people qualified to coach you at a fee. There are allocated times for training and coaching for juniors and seniors. We cater for beginners to provincial players and juniors as young as 5 yrs and up.

Does the club provide racquets and shuttles?2021-07-14T15:43:27+02:00

Yes, the Club will lend you a racquet if you make prior arrangements with the chairperson. Seniors must provide shuttles and the Club can advise you where to get shuttles from. Juniors are provided with plastic shuttles.

What days and times do you play?2021-07-14T15:46:34+02:00

Mondays: High-Performance coaching and training junior and senior players from 6 30pm till close, coached by David Calvid.

Tuesdays: Members social. Playing times, 7 pm till close (bring your own shuttles).

Wednesdays: High-performance and junior coaching. Juniors from 6 pm till 7 30 pm, high-performance coaching and training from 7 30pm till close, coaches David Calvid and Les Brazier.

Thursdays: The hall is closed to badminton due to the gymnastics training.

Fridays: Members social playing times 7 pm to close.

Saturdays: Exclusive kids training from 2 pm to 4 pm coached by Steward national coach.

4 pm members social players till close.

Sundays: Open to members social players from 8 pm to 1 pm.

Exclusive junior training from 2 pm to 3 30 pm Les Brazier.

Exclusive Golden oldies training and practice 3 30 pm till 6 pm.

Members social practice from 6  15 pm to close.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:07:38+02:00

We have three courts.

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Mission Statement

The section aims at the future of badminton by encouraging players to improve their fitness, skills and enjoyment of the game. The sport is encouraged in all schools by inviting players and coaches to courses held at Wanderers covering all aspects of the game. Our aim is to maintain our leading position in the province while offering the friendship of the social evenings. We will continue to strive to have members representing Wanderers in all age groups from under 11 to over 60′s in the provincial and national teams. Our motto is to become involved and support the fastest racquet sport, the game we love, the game of badminton.

Interesting Facts

Not everyone is familiar with the sport of badminton so we thought we’d give a brief introduction. Badminton is officially the world’s fastest racquet sport. Quick reflexes are required by players as the shuttle can travel at speeds in excess of 300 km/hour. The official world smash speed record of 332 km/h (206 mph), set by men’s doubles player Fu Haifeng of China has now been surpassed.

It has been claimed that badminton is the second-most-popular participation sport in the world, only behind football. Internationally, there is currently Asian domination in the sport. When badminton was first included in the Olympics in 1992, 1.1 billion people watched the badminton competition on television.

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About Us

Badminton has a rich history and a unique culture surrounding it that continues to this day. Whether you have spent your whole life playing badminton or you would like to play a few games for the first time, please contact Dave Calvert on 083 263 8212 regarding opportunities at The Wanderers Club. Our badminton section caters for a range of abilities and ages.

Badminton Membership

To learn more about the benefits of becoming a Wanderers member and to be a part of this vibrant badminton club. Please click on the link below to learn about the membership options.

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More Information


Name Telephone Email
Les Brazier 083 626 3576 Email
Dave Calvert 083 263 8212


Southerns Badminton Association

Badminton SA


Three courts are available for use in the gymnasium. The lighting, walls and floors are badminton friendly.

Number and Types of League Teams

We have 2 Premier League sides, 2 first league sides and 22-second league sides. Tuesday night is a social club night, Wednesday night is for league/training. Friday nights are dedicated to training junior players. The weekends are programmed for different age groups, tournaments and courses. The hall is shared with the gymnastics section and thus times are subject to the two sections programmes.