The Wanderers Club

The Wanderers Club in Illovo, Johannesburg, in its quest to attract and retain families, offers an array of sports and recreational activities for children.  Whether a child is very sports-oriented or less so, there is something for everyone.  Children can learn and participate in soccer, karate, gymnastics, basketball, mini hockey, rugby, cricket, tennis, and many more.  When participating in a sport in the safe environment of the Club, children can develop their athletic side and improve their memory, speed of mental processing, vision, focus, concentration, and even self-esteem.  This will make a difference in their health, fitness and overall personality development.  By introducing them to a range of physical activities, children will be mentally stimulated and become physically fit.

The Wanderers Club in Illovo, Sandton offers the following activities to its young members after school:

Team Sports

Junior Hockey hockey

Hockey is one of the popular sports in South Africa, especially in schools and colleges.  The Wanderers Junior Hockey accepts children from the age of 5 or even younger up to 17 years old.  The dedicated professional and parent coaches train members in a fun, interactive, and organised environment.  Tournaments are arranged to develop competitiveness and sportsmanship from a young age.


Junior Rugby

junior rugby johannesburg

South Africans love Rugby and there is no doubt that this sport brings people together especially if the national team is playing against another country’s national team.  The coaches and trainers of the Junior Rugby club are some of the finest in South Africa, and boys and girls from ages 6 to 18 can join.  Training not only improves skills and provides recreation but it also helps to develop a well-rounded personality by strengthening character, building value systems, and enhancing interpersonal skills.


Junior Cricket

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It is no secret that cricket is one of the most loved games in South Africa.  Whether adults or kids, this game has people glued to the TV every time the South African team plays and people travel from afar to watch a game at the Wanderers Stadium.  The Wanderers Junior Cricket is amongst the best in the country and allows kids to fulfil their aspirations of becoming competitive cricketers.   The Club has 2 well-maintained cricket ovals.  Equal focus is placed on the fun kids have whilst making new friends and the development of sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership qualities.


Basketball (Scorpions Academy)

basketball johannesburg

The Wanderers Scorpions Basketball Academy is open to players from the age of 4 to 17.  Kids can learn basketball under the supervision of some of the top coaches in the country.  Players learn and develop skills to play at a competitive level or socially.  The academy’s organised, interactive and friendly environment is perfect for kids to hone their basketball skills and use their time constructively.

Junior Soccer club (Wanderers Warriors)

soccer johannesburg

At our Wanderers Warriors soccer club, we strive to create a fun and playful environment encouraging confidence and enjoyment.  The junior soccer club has various programmes arranged by the dedicated coaches for kids to join from the age of 3 upwards.

Kids Karate Classes


Karate is said to be an excellent sport to learn discipline, determination and focus as well as learning self-defence.  Kids can join in from as young as 4 years old. Johan la Grange (6th Dan) runs the JKA karate dojo at The Wanderers Club and all Club members are welcome to join.

Lawn Bowls

bowling club johannesburg

Lawn bowls is a popular game, played by millions around the world.  It has a global TV reach and is enjoyed by dedicated professional and amateur players alike.  The game of bowls is not only for older members but it is popular amongst younger people in countries such as Australia, China and USA. Together with the associated outdoor benefits of lawn Bowls, the sport is easier on the body for the slightly less physical child, but still contains the elements of strategy and competitiveness.


Individual Sports

In addition to the team sports children can participate in individual sports available at the Wanderers Club.  These include:

Junior Tennis


Those children who show affinity towards tennis can be enrolled for classes at Junior Tennis.  There are 12 all-weather Tennis courts which are floodlit and well-maintained.  Professional coaches are available and children can benefit from the physical exercise and enjoy the vibrant social atmosphere.


wanderers club Sports and recreational activities for Children to do in Johannesburg 8

Gymnastics is considered one of the most evolved sports to enhance body flexibility, agility, motor control, strength, stamina, coordination, and overall health.  Children from the age of four can join and be coached in artistic gymnastics in a large and well-equipped gymnasium.


wanderers club Sports and recreational activities for Children to do in Johannesburg 9

Wanderers Badminton Chairman Dave Calvert with the team

Badminton is already a popular sport at Wanderers amongst the young members.  This sport is for kids with a sharp eye as the shuttle can travel at speeds of up to 300 km per hour in a competitive match.  The Club is one of the best known venues in Johannesburg and offers excellent facilities which include fully equipped badminton courts and professional coaching and has trained numerous kids from young ages to reach professional competitions.


wanderers club Sports and recreational activities for Children to do in Johannesburg 10

Squash is a popular sport at high school level for the active teenager and the Wanderers Club offers some of the best facilities in the country. Numerous international tournaments are played at on the 7 courts at Wanderers.  It is a fast-moving individual sport and social and competitive squash tournaments are run throughout the year.

Kids Play Area and Teens Hub

There is a wholly revamped Kids Play area at the Wanderers Club, including a uniquely-designed Jungle Gym.  There are engaging recreational activities to keep the children occupied whilst parents enjoy their meals and refreshments at the recently refurbished Chariots Bar and Terrace overlooking the greens and gardens.  Outdoor activities are essential for children to enjoy nature and fresh air but there are also especially furnished rooms allowing older children to participate in various games indoors.

Outdoor activities provide children with the opportunity to pause from their usual school and academic activities, develop new skills, enjoy new experiences and make new friends. It is a great way to spend time constructively after school by being physically active and mastering a sport under the supervision of professional coaches.  Some of the team sports are seasonal and played at different times of the year but there is always something for the children to do at The Wanderers Club.