Our scribe is enjoying a well-needed break and will be back in time for the April, “ newsletter”

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all our snooker playing members of the expected use of our venue.

One will note that the table are covered at all times when not in use. They are covered with a dusk sheet. This is to protect the very expensive green beige cloth. The balls are also housed in a suitcase when not in use.

The cloth must be carefully removed to avoid pulling the cloth “ against the nap “ and folded
in such a way as to make it easy to cover the table again when play is completed. The nap is the fine hairs of the cloth which runs from the bulk end of the table to the black end. So, if the cloth is pulled, it should be towards the black ball spot. The balls should also be returned to the case when play is finished.

For the record, our snooker room operates from 10h30 to 23hoo on weekdays, and from 9hoo to 15hoo on weekends and public holidays.

Members should fund their membership cards which is used to switch on, the light for the tables. This is done via the computer in the entrance.

The cost to play is; R7.50 per member per hour and for guests (Non-Member) R35.00 per hour.
Members and their guests are expected to go about their game and business in a quiet manner, so as not to disturb other players in the room.

There are cues available for use by members or their guests, which can be obtained from the barman/ room attendant. Kindly ensure that all equipment is handled in a gentle manner to avoid any damage.

The league has commenced and will be played each Monday to Thursday from 19hoo until closure. Tables for league are tables one to six and eight and nine. Table seven and ten are available for social play (non-league playing members ) on league nights.

We look forward to getting a complete update of events, next month when our scribe,
Hugo Lotriet returns.

I mention too that we do have qualified/certificated coaches available for anyone needing
expert guidance, so that this wonderful game of snooker can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Snooker Chairman,
Mike Hines