The 2020 Snooker season is upon us and we wish to start the season off by welcoming all our players, old and new, back to Wanderers and CGSA Snooker. We have yet another jam-packed season ahead of us and we would like to invite all interested players to come and see what snooker at Wanderers is all about and enjoy this lovely game with us.

The 2020 Central Gauteng Snooker Association AGM took place on Thursday, the 23rd of January 2020 at the Wanderers Club and everybody is keen to get the season started. The Gauteng Snooker Association season will kick off with the annual Jannie Smuts Committee tournament, where teams made up of committee members from the various GSA provinces, compete for the title. Central Gauteng has a very proud history of exceptional performances at this event and we wish our players good luck on continuing this proud record.

The Central Gauteng Snooker Association season will be kicking off soon with the “2020 Johannesburg & Districts” tournament. As always, the early date for this event serves as a good kick-off to the season and will hopefully get everybody in the right frame of mind at the start of a very competitive season. The League fixtures will also kick off early in March 2020.

Our next newsletter will include results from the tournament and further dates for upcoming events. All players are reminded to get their Wanderers membership up to date, as you will not be able to participate if you do not have a valid membership card.

We look forward to bringing you the up-to-date results as the 2020 season progresses and I once again urge anybody who is interested to come and watch some of the fantastic snooker played by our top players.

Yours in Snooker
Hugo Lotriet