The Central Gauteng Snooker Association League fixtures are running smoothly and the season looks as though it may produce some interesting results since we have a Premier and an “A” division this year. Rafique Limbada has taken the early lead in the individual standings, followed closely by his League partner, Craig Heath. They currently lead the Premier team standings, followed by Elvin Harris and Carl Dwarika. In the “A” division it is Linda de Paiva leading the pack ahead of Martyn Daniels. Linda and playing partner Kabir Singh lead the team standings, followed by Martyn Daniels and Sean Zeegers. The competition is very tough this year and there are still a number of players that are in contention at this stage.

Congratulations to Kiashan Moodley and Latchman Moodley on winning the 2019 Gert Muller Pairs event which was held during March. It was a closely contested final against the runners-up, Gideon Ferreira and Munier Cassim.

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Gert Muller Pairs Champion 2019 – Kiashan Moodley & Latchman Moodley

Gert Muller Pairs Runners-Up 2019 – Munier Cassim & Gideon Ferreira

Gert Muller Pairs Runners-Up 2019 – Munier Cassim & Gideon Ferreira

The tournament saw some fine Snooker and both the semi-finalists teams were from Wanderers Club; Ryan George & Rafik Limbada and Faraad James & Segren Naidoo. Well done to all of you.

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Losing semi-finalists

Congratulations should also go to Martyn Daniels and Sean Zeeger on winning the Plate Championships final against Mukesh Dayah and Adeel Umair. Wanderers hosted yet another fantastic tournament.

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Gert Muller Pairs Plate Winners 2019 – Martyn Daniels & Sean Zeeger

The Ken Shaw Open Championships was also played at Wanderers during April, with the finals happening on the weekend of 12-13 April 2019. Over the last number of years, this premier event on the Highveld Region Snooker calendar has been extremely competitive. This year proved to be no exception and after some high-class snooker and some very tough matches, it was Munier Cassim and Kiashan Moodley who met in the final for the third year in a row.

Our very own Elvin Harris and Mike Hines narrowly lost in the Semifinals to Kiashan and Munier respectively. The final produced an exhibition of spectacular potting and all-around good snooker, but it was Kiashan Moodley who ended up beating Munier Cassim to retain the title yet again.

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Ken Shaw Finalists – Kiashan Moodley & Munier Cassim

The Plate Final was won by Adeel Umair who beat Rafique Limbada in the final.
Congratulations to all these players on performing so well in this extremely competitive event and well done to Wanderers and the Central Gauteng for hosting yet another superb event in conjunction with the sponsors, Union Billiards.


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Losing Semi-finalists Mike Hines & Elvin Harris


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Plate Finalists Rafique Limbada & Adeel Umair

Congratulations to all the players from Wanderers who are performing so well and representing Gauteng and the Wanderers to the best of their abilities.

I am looking forward to bringing you, even more, news in the next article and some updated league results.


Yours in Snooker
Hugo Lotriet