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Chairman :

Mike Hines 083 236 5951

Ten full size championship tables with world standard cloths and balls

Very spacious room with full air conditioning

This is a non-smoking facility


The cost to use the facilities is R12 per hour per table for members and R25 per hour per table for non-members, who must be accompanied by a member in order to play.

Snooker members are requested to preload their cards in the membership office

Members will be required to produce their membership cards when asked to do so

Mission Statement:

We offer our members a first class, world standard snooker facility and encourage the young members to come and have a look. Arrangements can be made for free tuition for new young players.


General Information:

In order to use the Snooker room, one must be a member.  If the member wishes to bring a non-member along to play be would have to sign this person into the Club.  A member may only sign a non-member in once a month and if it becomes a regular arrangement then it is preferable that the non-member becomes a member.  Members presently pay R6 per hour and non-members R25 per hour.

The benefit of being a member gives one preference over the table, in the event of the room being fully occupied – particularly member playing member as opposed to member playing non-member.