Choosing a conference venue in Johannesburg that will perfectly suit your particular occasion, and its unique requirements can be quite daunting and an overwhelming process. The Wanderers Club is experienced, professional and passionate event managers that can bring your event to life and ensure great memories are captured.

Delicious Food is as essential as the event itself. Food is what brings people together; it plays a part in crafting precious memories. It is that glue that holds the event together and a necessary factor in determining the success of your event. With an extensive array of delectable food options to choose from, spanning exciting menus, selecting the best cuisine can be as tricky as choosing the décor.

We have compiled a list of different catering services to make it easier for you to select the type of service you need for your event;

1) Corporate Functions

Catering for corporate functions are dependent on the size and level of the function, and it can range from a small gathering to fancy dinners. Such events require a specific type of structure and approach in terms of catering for them.

Some businesses prefer having a small open bar for it is employees, while others will opt to have small food tasting stations. The staple foods of corporate catering tend to be more of a buffet type of deal offering business lunches, box lunches and meeting cheese and vegetable platters, to name a few.

Thus, many corporate conferencing venues involve preparing and dropping off the food on disposable trays. Food served at corporate events are, for the most part, practical but our expert caterers at The Wanderers Club will have the right, bespoke menu for your event.

Keep in mind that though corporate functions are generally quite relaxed and elegant, they ought to be catered for with professional presentation and efficient planning.

2) Wedding Venues

Wedding venues are what The Wanderers excel at, and in terms of this particular offering is the first one everyone thinks of when they first hear the word ‘catering’. This is the most critical aspect of any wedding is the reception, focused on the food served to guests.

Ask any wedding caterers in Johannesburg, catering for a wedding can be tricky as can also be difficult to accurately estimate the exact number of people who will be attending. A wedding menu, therefore, should mirror the diversity of the guests who have been invited with the view of catering to different tastes.

Besides the food and drinks, wedding caterers will take care of the table settings and displays, and this will vary for different weddings. There will also be a buffet and offer meals according to the preferences and requirements listed on the RSVP cards. It will be advisable to choose a caterer with wedding catering experience such as The Wanderers Club.

3) Social Event Catering

Social event catering is similar to wedding catering but more flexible and relaxed. The events that make use of this type of catering are more intimate, requiring exceptional attention to detail.

The small nature of such events, which include retirement parties, birthdays, baby and bridal showers, requires catering companies in Johannesburg to make an effort in servicing their client’s specific dietary needs.

Additionally, great catering companies will put into consideration cultural beliefs when preparing a menu to avoid serving prohibited foods. Also, your chosen caterer will have to factor in the theme colour of your event.

Social events, as compared to weddings, do not require a significant presence of on-site, and it is done to emphasise the intimate nature of the gathering.

4) Concession Gathering

Events that fall into this category include public gatherings, major sporting events and music concerts. Concession catering usually is a friendlier and busier type of catering, and the main goal in this type of catering is to make the most from the gathering.

The catering companies in Johannesburg who provide their services at such events work as vendors typically offer the most popular foods to attract as many customers as possible and also because it is challenging to cater to everyone’s specific dietary needs. Therefore it makes sense that such catering companies will have fast food bars instead of full course food options.

Planning for such events can be a nightmare, but by choosing the right menu, you can ensure that everyone is well-fed while making a fortune. Be sure to chat with one of our The Wanderers Club team members!

5) Food Truck Catering

One of the most popular catering options for small outdoor functions or events with many food vendors is food truck catering. Food trucks, nowadays, are considered as modern restaurants that revolutionised the traditional food truck into a mobile restaurant.

Food trucks only require two or four staff members to prepare food and serve customers, and this is done through a window. The menu varies from simple to fancy food depending on the customer’s needs and the nature of the event. Food truck catering works best in a casual outdoor garden setting gatherings with a manageable crowd, so as not to overwhelm the caterers.

6) Restaurant Catering

When you are looking for a more advanced menu for the event you are hosting; restaurant catering is your best option.

If you are hosting your event on the at one of our restaurants The Wanderers Club who are already creating the dishes on the menu can focus on making the event memorable with touches such as table decorations.

Additionally, we also provide outdoor catering service at The Wanderers and can also provide table dressing services.

The Wanderers Club is a premier event planner offering exceptional catering services in Johannesburg of world-class quality, at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Contact us today to make your next event a success.