Senior Hockey Information

The Wanderers Club caters for all Hockey enthusiasts.

Our successful Premier teams, both men’s and women’s, concentrate on competing and winning their matches and our new Top of the Range, water-based Astroturf provides a fine facility for their extensive training. The Wanderers also provides a pleasant, relaxed social environment for players, friends and opponents.

At Wanderers we encourage the young to play, enjoy and have fun and we provide expert tuition. Our mini and Junior hockey programmes are excellent and we have active Masters teams, so we feel that the Club and its superb amenities enable all members, of whatever age, to enjoy and love the game of hockey!         

Mission Statement:

The Wanderers Hockey Club is dedicated to being the supreme hockey club worldwide and welcomes all enthusiasts. To this end, we strive to create an environment in which our top teams are best equipped to win tournaments while at the same time creating a vibrant social atmosphere to ensure that players of all levels are catered for.

At Wanderers, we encourage the general growth and development of hockey in South Africa by introducing youngsters to not only play but also to enjoy the social aspects that the game provides. Our mini hockey program is testimony to this.

Our competitive Master’s teams are indicative of the fact that Wanderers endeavours to maintain hockey as a lifelong game to be enjoyed by the whole family.

It is our mission to provide a wholesome club environment and world-class facilities where the sport can be played in a competitive and sociable environment.

Wanderers Hockey Committee 2021/22

Wanderers Hockey Committee 2021:22

Wanderers Teams

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For any queries please contact your Club Captain

Fees and Payment

2021 Senior Fees


Pay full amount into the below account
Reference: Membership Number + “Surname” 
Email proof of payment to [email protected] AND to your Captains

Name: The Wanderers Club Hockey Section
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Branch Code: 004305
Account Number: 401780317
Reference: Membership Number + “Surname”

Debit Order:

Contact the accounts office for a debit order instruction form at: [email protected]
Email completed form to [email protected] AND to your Captains 

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Wanderers Hockey Weekly Astro Schedule

Astro Schedule/Practice Times:

For Astro bookings please contact [email protected]

Senior Training Times

The Wanderers Card

Personal Wanderers Card

How to get your card:

Cards can be collected from Reception at the Wanderers Club.

All cards must be registered at reception when collected.

How to load your card:

To load your card:

  1. Wanderers Website:
  2. In person: You can go to the accounts department and they will load for you
  3. Via Online Banking: You can EFT the accounts department and they will load for you.

BANK DETAILS:  (Different Bank Details as membership & hockey fees)

Name: The Wanderers Club
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Branch Code: 004305
Account Number: 002065940
Reference: Membership Number + “Card”

Benefits of using the card:

On presentation of the preloaded card you get 10% off all drinks/food etc you buy at Wanderers.

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