I am sure many people have been grabbing their phones and going onto google to learn more about padel, so let us share some more information on padel with you.

Padel originated in Mexico in 1960, although in the 1910’s a similar sport was played on British cruise ships and in Washington and New York in a game suitably named platform tennis. In 1969 padel, as it is played today, was created by a Mexican businessman who set up the first-ever padel court at his holiday home in Acapulco – and the rest is history.

Padel has now been officially recognised as a tennis discipline in Britain and is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

Are you wondering how padel differs from tennis? Padel differs from tennis in terms of the ball, the racket, the court surface, net height and the court dimensions. The most notable differences are the glass walls surrounding the padel court and how the style of play has adapted to cope with the ball bouncing off the walls. If you’re a tennis player, padel is an excellent opportunity to improve your tennis game, meet new people, and have fun.

Padel was made famous by tennis great Rafael Nadal with the launch of the Padel courts at his academy in Mallorca. Since then, it has rapidly gained popularity around the world. Nadal, who has played professional tennis for most of his life, said he also loves to play padel and finds the game relaxing. He says that his highest ranking in the sport was five and that he thinks it is an excellent sport for young children. He says his favourite thing about the sport is “the competition. I enjoy getting good exercise while competing against other players.”

Another tennis great, Serina Williams, also boasts about playing padel tennis in her free time. She enjoys playing tennis but also finds padel tennis fun. She says her favourite thing about the game is “the people; you get to know new people while playing like in any sport.”

There’s a reason it’s the fastest-growing sport in the world! Padel is fun, simple, and a great workout. You can play with your friends on a cool court, improve your forehand, and get plenty of exercise, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

The building of the new padel courts is officially underway! 

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