Dear Member,

We apologise for the fact that you are still being denied access to the clubhouse and in particular to Chariots. As you may know, the Club has used an outside service provider for food and banqueting since 2004 and all the staff engaged in those activities are employed by our service provider. On 17 August our service provider informed us that there was a significant amount of maintenance, preparation and sterilisation work to be done before he could open Chariots. This work would include, but not limited to, the cleaning and sterilisation of a range of kitchen equipment, servicing of gas equipment, draft machines and the cleaning of ducting in the kitchen. We had hoped it would take one or two days but apparently, that was overly optimistic and we are now looking to reopen Chariots on 01 September. As a committee and management, we are extremely disappointed about this delay but we are very much in the hands of our service provider.

Many of the sub-clubs have been given the green light to start the process of getting back to some form of normality but there are two or three who are waiting for further clarification from their respective governing bodies before they may restart. As far as the fields are concerned they will become available as from today but there will be strict guidelines and protocols that must be adhered to by those making use of the fields.

These are:

  • Only members are allowed to run individually and not in groups
  • No face mask, no access to the Club
  • Temperatures are scanned by staff at the entrance. Anyone with more than 37c will not be allowed in and will be advised to seek medical attention
  • An attendance register with contact information will be kept by the Compliance officer for tracing in case of positive cases
  • Members are advised to bring their own water bottles
  • Frequent washing of hands and sanitizing is required
  • Social distancing must be observed in communal areas
  • Locker rooms and showers can be used and they are frequently disinfected.
  • Anyone displaying any symptoms after they have been admitted on the property must report their symptoms to the Compliance officer
  • Spinners bar, like Chariots, is not open but members can bring their own cool drinks and sit in the garden as long as they observe the 1.5m distance.

We will give you an update on progress later in the week. Please follow the guidelines and protocols as we are trying to do everything we can to keep members, staff and the community safe from Covid-19.


Colin Warner