Coffee shops with free wifi is a must-have for people trying to get work done in the modern and remote working world. This is because of the nature of our jobs – most of us now work as freelancers and the majority of our work requires us to be online. It can be used for research, communication, entertainment, and more. The internet is most commonly accessed through wifi hotspots these days, so it’s easy to tell if a place has free wifi or not. The Wanderers Club is a great place to go if you want to experience this.

Many cafes and restaurants in Johannesburg and throughout South Africa have free wifi for their customers but some are noisy hard to access and don’t provide safe parking. It has become a much-appreciated service for customers, as it makes it easier for them to get work done. It’s also great for when you’re meeting a friend or colleague for coffee or lunch and need to call up a video or website.

Free Wifi at The Wanderers Club

The view from the newly renovated terrace at The Wanderers Club is spectacular, the food is on point and the vibe is relaxed, making this the perfect venue for a work lunch or meeting. Not only does The Wanderers Club serve up a delicious and varied menu with the best pizzas in Johannesburg, but it offers a great view over the city of the gardens overlooking the Sandton skyline.

This can be one of the best and most convenient places for you to get work done, especially if you want to write, read or browse the internet, work on a song, chat with friends on social media or talk online with potential clients!

Enjoy the view of Johannesburg and sip on an iced coffee as you save data on your mobile and file your taxes, stay productive with your teams or whatever goal drives you! The Wanderers Club also has a kid’s playground where kids can play.

If you want free Wifi in Johannesburg, consider visiting The Wanderers Club. Make sure to order a delicious pizza and enjoy!

Stop by and enjoy a coffee, cold beer or pizza.