At an unveiling ceremony held at the Wanderers Club, Group CEO of Konica Minolta Gauteng, Jason Kupritz, presented the cricket section with a new electronic scoreboard for its main oval.

Chairman of Wanderers Cricket Club, Frank Auger, thanked Konica Minolta Gauteng for their contribution, stating that this was a long held desire of his and was the final piece in the jigsaw in making the Wanderers Club a world class facility for the playing of cricket.

Jason added, “I am 45 years old and have been playing cricket since the age of 6 and club cricket for more than half my life. The Wanderers has always been a special place for me with loads of amazing moments and memories”.

“The team at Konica Minolta Gauteng are proud of the associations we have developed through the years. The Wanderers Cricket Club, who are always striving to achieve more, sits close to my heart. We see the great work they are doing supporting women’s cricket, the role it is playing in the transformation of the game, as well as creating a newly formed veterans league which against the odds has been a huge success. The facilities are world class, supported by expert coaches for all age groups. I believe the Wanderers Cricket Club is full of opportunities for all players looking to make a success of their cricketing careers, whether social or competitive. Konica Minolta Gauteng look forward to assisting where ever possible in creating magic together.”