Want to find out how you as a Wanderers Club member on the Discovery Vitality medical aid plan can earn points to improve their vitality status? The following article provides information on how to earn points at the Club in 2021 to help you get to Diamond status.

Vitality rewards its members for being active and engaged in a healthy lifestyle. Wanderers Club members can earn vitality points through different ways.

Wanderers is keen for its members to earn Vitality points by participating in the activities they enjoy. So below is the list of ways to earn Vitality points at Wanderers. From time to time Discovery may modify or change these criteria and we endeavour to keep you updated.

Exercise & Workouts

Remember that heart rate tracking during a workout gets you the most number of points. Vitality has a list of approved devices and applications to use to accurately record and reward you for your workouts. Unfortunately, Strava doesn’t count for workouts anymore, but there are many other applications that you can use. The devices and applications recognised by Vitality include:


If you still want to sync your workout data to Strava but earn Vitality points, use the iOS app HealthFit and record all your workouts on the native Workout app on your Apple Watch.

Now that you have the correct device and application, you need to know how to earn points. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, listed below:


Earn stepcounter points by:

  • Taking 5 000 – 9 999 steps in one day = 50 points
  • Taking 10 000 or more steps in one day = 100 points


Earn speed workout fitness points by running an average of 5.5+ km/hr or cycling an average of 10+ km/hr for a minimum of 30 minutes.


  • Light heart-rate workouts = 100 points
  • Moderate workouts at 70 – 79% of your max. heart rate for 30 – 59min) = 200 points
  • Vigorous workouts at 80%+ of max. heart rate (30 minutes or more) = 300 points


How to work out your heart rate range:

Calculate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220.


You will likely be able to earn Vitality points by participating in many of Wanderers’ team sports, such as running, rugby, squash, tennis and hockey which will also most definitely earn you points as long as your heart rate is above the 70% threshold for over 30 minutes.


You can also earn workout points by attending classes or workout sessions with some of our partners, including:



Discovery Soccer Park


Remember, when you participate in more than one recognised Vitality fitness activity on the same day, only the activity scoring the highest number of points will be counted.

For example, if you check-in at Wanderers (earning 100 points) and then play an intense game of squash (earning 200 points), your activity with the highest points for the day will only be counted, therefore you will be rewarded with 200 points for playing squash.

Sports you can get involved with

The Wanderers Club offer a variety of different sports you can join and get active points with. These sports include running, squash, rugby including touch rugby, gymnastics and tennis to name a few.

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