The hockey section held their ANNUAL AWARDS Dinner in the Wanderers Ballroom on Saturday 15th October 2016.

The following players received awards for 2016:

2016 Hockey Awards

Best player award –


1st team – Shelley Russell       Trophy (Wendy Cooke trophy)

2nd team – Imogen Holland

3rd team – Tamsin Copeland

4th team – Natalie Peel

5th team – Gill Pringle

6th team – Karin van Kerckhoven

7th team – Aimee Anticevich/Caitlin Readhead



1st team – Tommy Hammond   Trophy (Greg Darke trophy)

2nd team – Dylan Piatti

3rd team – Andrew Arnold

4th team – Aidan Jordaan/Nicolo Cazzavillon

5th team – Pete Cousins

6th team – Brian Magginis

7th team – Richard Knight

8th team – Sean Hauvette

9th team – Ryan Brown


Most improved player


1st team – Julia Fleming                      Trophy (Wanderers trophy)

2nd team – Jacqui Meyerson

3rd team – Claire Hislop

4th team – Caitlin Askew

5th team – Thembi Letlape

6th team – Diane Richards

7th team – Grace Dickson



1st team – Kegan Smith                       Trophy (Wanderers trophy)

2nd team – Jono Naismith

3rd team – Nick Barry

4th team – Luke Grove

5th team – Dan Steyn

6th team – Warren Goetzsche

7th team – Murray Kernick and Trent Kemper

8th team – Jabulani Mdlalose

9th team – Bryce Till



Top Goal scorers –


1st team – Tsoanelo Pholo (28) Trophy for the most ladies goals

2nd team – Imogen Holland (22)

3rd team – Teri Watson (6) Bernadine Paige (6)

4th team – Vanessa da Rocha and Jenna Beuthin (8)

5th team – Bronwyn MacGillvray (11)

6th team – Tegan Mill

7th team – Emma Davidson (18)


1st team – Brandon Panther (24)

2nd team – Cammo Dunstan-Smith

3rd team – Greg Ronaldson

4th team – Aidan Jordaan (7)

5th team – Edward Peach (12)

6th team – Brett Crozier and Dale Koster (7)

7th team – Ryan Saunders (27) Trophy the most men’s goals

8th team – Sean Hauvette and Marco Benvenuti (10)


Trophy awards

  • Chairman’s Trophy- Scott Forssman
  • Plaque Trophy Gerry Larkin Award – Antony Cohen
  • Stuart Hoepper Award – Vanessa da Rocha
  • Captain of the Year – Madsen’s Ricky/Lauren

Runner-ups – Vanessa da Rocha and Andrew Ford

  • Team of the Year – Ladies 4ths
  • Mr & Mrs Wanderers – Caitlin Askew and Ryan Saunders


Outstanding mentions:

1) Ronelle Price-Hughes (Mini-hockey)

2) Peter Readhead

Umpiring Awards 2016 – Petra Anderson and Lesley Nunn


Scott Forssman –

Scott has been a loyal and helpful member of Wanderers clubs for many years. He has been a hockey committee member, coaches the ladies 4th side and created the Wanderers Summer League.

Scott is always willing to go above and beyond his duties as a member and has already received many awards for his dedication to the club.

It is with great pride that he is awarded the Wanderers Honours Tie.