Wanderers FAQ

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:26:40+02:00

Snooker has ten tables and one competition table which is used for international competitions.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:25:46+02:00

Our Hockey section has an Astro which is in the process of being upgraded.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:19:49+02:00

Our Gymnastics section uses a 450sqm hall.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:17:54+02:00

Our Karate section has a 350sqm dojo

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:17:27+02:00

Junior soccer has four market fields which they use.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:16:34+02:00

Our Rugby section have two separate fields

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:15:42+02:00

Our cricket section have two cricket fields

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:14:22+02:00

Our Bowling section has four greens which are regularly maintained to international standards.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:11:13+02:00

Squash has seven courts, plus one international glass court which gets used for tournaments.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:10:07+02:00

Tennis has twelve courts

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:08:22+02:00

We have two courts

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:07:38+02:00

We have three courts.

What facilities do you have?2021-10-08T13:06:47+02:00

We have a four-lane, 400m track, plus a two-lane, 400m track

Can I play billiards played at the Club2021-09-29T15:24:51+02:00

Yes, besides snooker we also play billiards.

Do you need to bring your own cue?2021-09-29T15:23:33+02:00

Yes, you do. The Club does not provide any cues.

Are there costs to use the snooker tables?2021-09-29T15:22:32+02:00

The cost to use the facilities is R6 per hour per table for members and R25 per hour per table for non-members.

I have a knee injury. Can I still train?2021-09-27T10:28:07+02:00

Yes, Karate is one discipline where you can train around any injury or limitation.

Am I too old to start?2021-09-27T10:27:35+02:00

No, you’re never too old to start Karate! Some of the oldest members of our Dojo are in their 70s. Karate is a sport for anyone.

What is the recommended age to start Karate?2021-09-27T10:26:59+02:00

4 years old.

Can I try out before enrolling?2021-09-27T10:26:26+02:00

Yes, you’re welcome to try out two Karate lessons before enrolling.

Is Karate located inside The Wanderers Club?2021-09-27T10:25:56+02:00

Yes, the Karate dojo is inside the Wanderers Club, opposite the squash courts.

When are practice times?2022-03-11T14:16:59+02:00

Practice Times

Tuesday and Thursday 17:00 to 18:15

When is the gymnasium open?2021-09-03T10:52:40+02:00

The gymnasium runs through the week to Saturday and is closed over school holidays as advised by the section.

From what age can I join Bowls?2021-08-27T11:47:06+02:00

All ages, men, women and children are welcome to join.

When are your practices?2021-08-27T10:03:14+02:00

Monday: Greens closed
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons: Tabs in @ 13:45
Saturday afternoon : Tabs in @ 13:45
Sunday morning : Tabs in @ 08:45

What are the practice times for seniors?2021-08-18T11:35:38+02:00

Tuesday 19:00 to 20:30 – (Ladies & Men).
Thursday 19:00 to 20:30 – (Ladies & Men).

What age groups can participate?2021-08-18T11:32:15+02:00

The Wanderers Scorpions Basketball Academy provides coaching for players aged 4 years to U18s. Seniors are welcome to participate.

Do you offer coaching?2021-08-18T11:24:19+02:00

Yes we do. Coaching fees are applicable for Juniors participating in team training sessions and games. Please contact the chairman for a breakdown of applicable coaching fees.

Do I have to become a member to participate?2021-09-29T15:27:10+02:00

Yes, to become a member sign up here

What days and times do you practice?2021-08-04T11:44:24+02:00

Our practice times for seniors are every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 16h30 onwards. Matches are held on weekends.

Juniors practice times are every Saturday from 08h00 to 11h00.

Does the club provide cricket bats or cricket balls?2021-08-04T11:54:19+02:00

No, members are required to provide their own kit both senior and junior. Coaches do provide cricket balls.

Do you offer coaching?2021-08-04T11:38:13+02:00

Yes we offer junior and senior coaching

Do I have to become a member to participate?2021-08-04T11:37:50+02:00

Yes, to become a member, follow this link to sign up!

What days and times do you play?2022-06-07T10:18:26+02:00

Mondays: High-Performance coaching and training junior and senior players from 6 30pm till close, coached by David Calvid.

Tuesdays: Members social. Playing times, 7 pm till close (bring your own shuttles).

Wednesdays: High-performance and junior coaching. Juniors from 6 pm till 7 30 pm, high-performance coaching and training from 7 30pm till close, coaches David Calvid and Les Brazier.

Thursdays: The hall is closed to badminton due to the gymnastics training.

Fridays: Exclusive Junior training from 6:30 pm till 7:45, one court to be used for the Pakistani juniors from 8pm to 9 pm, there will be two courts open for social players, 9pm all three courts will be open till 12pm.

Saturdays: Exclusively from 2 pm till 5:30 pm Chinese juniors training, from 5pm till 12 pm Exclusive for Chinese members only. 4pm members social players till close.


  • Morning Vets and social members only till 1: 30 pm
  • Exclusive junior training from 2pm to 3:30 pm
  • Exclusive golden oldies from 3:30 pm till 5:30 pm
  • Social players from 5:30 till 12pm
Does the club provide racquets and shuttles?2021-07-14T15:43:27+02:00

Yes, the Club will lend you a racquet if you make prior arrangements with the chairperson. Seniors must provide shuttles and the Club can advise you where to get shuttles from. Juniors are provided with plastic shuttles.

Do you offer coaching?2021-07-14T15:45:32+02:00

Yes, there are people qualified to coach you at a fee. There are allocated times for training and coaching for juniors and seniors. We cater for beginners to provincial players and juniors as young as 5 yrs and up.

Do I have to become a member to participate?2021-08-27T11:46:35+02:00

If you are serious about playing badminton whether it be social or competitive and after your first free visit to the club and you have decided you want to join the club then you have to go through the following steps.

  1. Yes, you have to join the main club.
  2. Depending on your age there are different prices
  3. Each sub-club has a fee you have to pay yearly, this helps to look after the upkeep of the hall and equipment, badminton fee is R250.00 per year payable to the main club.

For more information on membership, please visit our membership page here.

Do you have a group on Strava?2021-07-07T11:38:49+02:00

Yes! Click here to join our Strava club

wanderers club Do you have a group on Strava? 1

Do you have any running events coming up?2021-07-07T11:21:31+02:00

None at the moment, but watch this space!

When are your club runs?2021-07-06T13:15:27+02:00

On a Sunday, the club runs leave from the top car park at:

Summer: 07:00am
Winter: June/July/August 8:00am

What time is the weekly time trial?2021-07-06T13:10:14+02:00

Every Thursday at 17:45 from the bottom cricket field, but due to level four restrictions, the time trial has been postponed.

Do I have to become a member to run the time trial?2021-08-04T11:32:41+02:00

No you don’t have to be a member to join the weekly time trial, but to join the Club runs and take advantage of the Club facilities as well as membership benefits you have to be. Click here to become a member.

Does Wanderers Planet Fitness have a Basketball Court2019-04-18T15:10:51+02:00

No, Wanderers Planet Fitness do not have a basketball court but The Wanderers Club does have one.

The Wanderers Club has two outdoor floodlit basketball courts.

For more info contact: Brian Masenda on 082 325 7719

Do you charge corkage?2019-04-18T14:10:55+02:00

We have a very extensive beverage list available, with this being said, corkage is always an option and will vary in price depending on what is being brought in.

What does your venue hire include?2020-02-26T18:40:36+02:00

All 20 of our various venues include the below:

·         Exclusive use of the quoted venue for the full-time frame needed.

·         Cleaning of the venue before and after the event.

·         WI-FI

·         Basic tables, chairs and linen service.

·         Dedicated coordinator

·         Front and back of house management

·         Cutlery and crockery and table accessories i.e. salt and pepper, toothpicks.

·         Glassware

·         Generator

·         Free and secure parking

·         Table numbers (if required)


What is included in the conference package?2019-04-18T14:19:31+02:00

We offer an array of packages which are tailor made to fit your needs.  Our conference packages all include the following:

·         Venue Hire including standard tables, chairs and linen

·         WI-FI

·         Free and secure parking

·         Dedicated waiter

·         Front of house manager

·         Assorted teas, coffee, fruit juice and chefs choice snacks on Arrival, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

·         3 course sit down Buffet in a separate venue in order to refresh the mind and encourage delegate interaction.

·         Note pads and pens

·         1x Flipchart

·         Jugs of water and cordials

·         Bowls of mints refreshed throughout the day.

Do you allow self-catering?2020-09-01T13:41:05+02:00

The Wanderers Club caterers and hospitality staff pride themselves on their creativity and flexibility when working on the catering needs for all their clients.  Should Halaal or Kosher catering be required, our professional preferred suppliers will be contacted to for fill the requirements.

Is there Accommodation?2019-04-18T14:19:44+02:00

We have a great partnership with The Protea Hotel Wanderers, who share the same property as us.  It is a mere walk across the parking lot.