Louis Nel


  • This section of the CPA is often seen as the sole issue to be considered – as you can see from the previous four inserts, nothing could be further from the truth!
  • The first aspect to bear in mind is that the consumer is entitled to cancel [Section 17 (2)]
  • The supplier IS entitled to (a) require reasonable deposit in advance’ (b) ‘impose a reasonable charge for cancellation’ [Section 17 (3)]
  • Such a charge will be unreasonable if it exceeds a fair amount in the circumstances’ – what the latter is, is not clear but the following factors need to be considered may well comprise such ‘circumstances’:
  • Nature of the goods or services
  • Length of cancellation notice given by consumer
  • The ‘reasonable potential’ of the supplier finding an alternative consumer
  • ‘The general practice of the relevant industry’
  • The above penalty may not be imposed if ‘the person for whom, or for whose benefit the booking, reservation or order was made’ dies or is hospitalized – note it is only the actual pax who gets this benefit & not other members of the travelling party




  • Do not automatically and categorically refuse any form of refund – make a concerted effort to resell e.g. it may well be argued on behalf of the consumer that a popular destination in peak season can be resold
  • This is particularly the case if ample notice is given even if your cancellation notice periods are applicable – In such a case you may well qualify that any resale efforts are without prejudice and as a show of goodwill only
  • Be aware of what you competitors’ T&C are
  • Make sure that your customer understands that the concession only applies to the passenger who has passed away/been hospitalized and not the entire party
  • Insist on original documents of proof of death/hospitalization e.g. proof from the hospital and not just a doctor’s note


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