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Dear Member,

The relaxation of certain of the restrictions that have been in place during the countrywide lockdown will allow some non- contact sports to reopen which is welcome news for a number of our sub-clubs.

We have drafted a Covid – 19 Workplace Reopening Plan containing a risk analysis and all the sub-clubs are busy preparing their own plans which will form part of a comprehensive set of guidelines that are aimed at protecting everyone who comes to the Club, staff, members and service providers. In order to ensure that the Club is compliant with the government’s regulations, each sub-club wishing to reopen may do so once they have received authorisation from their respective governing body or foundation.

Gymnastics will open from today and Tennis will get started from Wednesday, 24 June. These facilities will be open for members only and everyone using them will be subject to the Main Club’s and the individual sub-clubs Covid-19 screening protocols and risk management procedures. We will keep you informed as to when other sports will reopen.

The Clubhouse will remain closed during the current Lockdown or until further guidelines are tabled by the government.

Stay safe.
Colin Warner


Wanderers Club