COVID-19 Drive thru

A COVID-19 (Coronavirus) drive-through testing facility is operating on the Club’s main rugby field adjacent to the Wanderers Cricket Stadium.

Members of the public can drive-in, have the test and simply turn around and drive out.

This wonderful initiative by HealthInsite and Mullah Laboratories complements the extended testing programme that is about to be rolled out in the country as announced by President Ramaphosa. The facility is for drive-through testing only, walk-ins not allowed. The process is designed to protect people being tested from coming into contact with the virus as is possible at a walk-in facility.
Here’s what to expect at the testing facility.

First, you will be screened to establish if you meet the criteria,

  •  Direct contact with someone who has tested positive with COVID-19
  •  Having travelled to a high-risk country or area within the past 14 days
  •  Showing symptoms or signs of COVID-19
  •  Having been referred by a doctor
  • Strictly drive through, no walk-ins

After you have been screened, your hands will be sanitised and you will be required to wear rubber gloves following that you will be required to complete the NICD paperwork and pay by credit card or Snapscan. Thereafter a nasal or oral swab will be taken by a nurse.


Where can I get a coronavirus test?

The testing facility is on the Wanderers Club Rugby Fields. You can put this into Google Maps and it will direct you to the testing facility.

How much does the coronavirus (COVID-19) test cost?

The coronavirus test will cost R1190. Results will be given within 48-96 hours. Please check with your medical aid if they cover the cost of the test.

Can I call someone if I have more questions

Yes, you can call the number 086 106 6666 and select option 1