The Best Sport for a Longer Life? Try Tennis – New York Times

Playing tennis and other sports that are social might add years to your life, according to a new epidemiological study of Danish men and women. The study found that adults who reported frequently participating in tennis or other racket and team sports [...]

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Tennis is back

Hi tennis members, Play started last Wednesday and first on-court were Rowan and Kyle. Good to see Rowan still striking the ball with conviction. Phase 2 play: Phase 2 starts on 30 June when play will be open to all [...]

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Notice to Tennis Members

Dear Wanderers tennis members, We are delighted that we may return to playing tennis. Tennis South Africa has been proactive in preparing operational plans and safety guidelines which means that we are one of the first codes to start playing [...]

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Tennis News: June 2019

Congratulations to winners of the 2019 Club Championships. Mens Singles: Winner - Emmanuel Mordi; Runner up - Avela Ndlabhu. Mens Doubles: Winners - Dan Picolo & Nic Khaki; Runners up - Avela Ndlabhu & Thabo Malo."

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Tennis News, March 2019

Men’s Club Championship Come join us for the Men’s Club Championship final on 6 April from 2 pm, there will also be a braai and a social doubles shoot-out tournament during the afternoon for all to join in.   RSA tennis [...]

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