Squash News, November 2020

The Wanderers Squash Club Championships PHIL LOUW successfully took the Club Championship from Bruce Young, beating him 3-2 in a nail‑biting final held at the squash courts on 24 November 2020. After a shaky start and losing the first two games, Phil [...]

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Squash News, October 2020

Joburg Squash Leagues The Joburg Squash “Blitz” League has now finished for the season. Some results are still outstanding but the Wanderers Squash Club team positions are shown here at the time of writing. The 8th/9th League team performed exceptionally [...]

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Squash News, September 2020

The Joburg Squash League successfully underway With the Joburg Squash “Blitz” League now halfway through, The Wanderers teams have fared well so far. In particular, the 8th/9th League team has won all its matches to date. In each of the matches [...]

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Wanderers Squash News, August 2020

The Joburg Squash League season recommences The Squash League season eventually got off to a start on the 25th of August under its new name Joburg Squash (previously Gauteng Squash).  After a five-month delay due to Covid‑19, the league recommenced in [...]

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Wanderers Squash News, July 2020

The Wanderers Club return-to-play plan to commence in August I’m sure everybody at The Wanderers will be as overjoyed as these young squash players in the UK are, to return to the squash courts after a four-month lockdown! The Wanderers Squash [...]

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