Squash News, June 2021

Increased constraints on play due to Covid Lockdown Level 4 With the implementation of Covid Lockdown Level 4 on the 28th of June and the alarming increase in infections throughout the community, the Wanderers Squash Club has implemented tighter restrictions on the use [...]

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Squash News, May 2021

Are we in for a third wave and a stricter lockdown? We don’t know at this stage. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take action now and prepare ourselves for any eventuality. Joburg Masters have taken the initiative and [...]

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Squash News, April 2021

New members at the squash club The 2021 squash season is looking positive despite the slump we had in membership and squash activities in 2020.  Obviously, people are looking at activities that get them out of the constraints of Covid‑19 lockdown [...]

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Wanderers Squash News, March 2021

Joburg League and Masters League The 2021 Joburg Masters League season commenced on Thursday 18 March. Wanderers has entered two teams – in the 2nd & the 4th leagues. You can keep track of the fixtures and the results on the SportyHQ [...]

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Squash News, February 2021

Development Squash players get the season started Squash at The Wanderers got off to a good start in 2021 with a challenge from the Thusong Squash Development players against The Wanderers 8th League team.  The TSD team of Bongani, Ashley, Bandile & [...]

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