Hockey News, September 2021

SENIOR LEAGUE UPDATE We have had 3 busy weeks and weekends of league hockey this month.  Our teams have produced some outstanding results and have shown true Wanderer’s pride and spirit both on and off the field.  Thank you to all [...]

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Hockey News, August 2021

SENIOR LEAGUE UPDATE Round 2 of the SG Winter League is underway, and it’s wonderful to be back out on the turf.  It has been a bit of a slow start for some of the teams, and school holidays hasn’t helped [...]

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Hockey News, July 2021

LEAGUE UPDATE After a lengthy league break due to the Covid 3rd Wave, we are excited to resume league on the 14/15th August.  Teams will play round 2 of their league fixtures (9 games).  Good luck, thank you for your patience [...]

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Hockey News June 2021

LEAGUE UPDATE With the 3rd wave of Covid upon us and the increase in positive cases, South Gauteng Hockey Association made the decision to suspend all league games as of Monday 14th June.  As a result, only 2 weekends of league [...]

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Wanderers Hockey Club News, May 2021

MAY LEAGUE RESULTS     WANDERERS HOCKEY CLUB AND SUPERBOCK We are excited to have our sponsor, SuperBock, on board and have negotiated a post-game drinks/fine deal to match the price of a quart.  ‘Bringing [...]

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